News from the IES

Institute for European Studies organized, in collaboration with the Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings the and Vesalius College at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Institute for German Studies / Literary and Media Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen,  an evening lecture with Prof. Michael Madison from the University of Pittsburgh on the theme of “copyright in the era of big data”. The lecture attracted a big crowd approaching 100 people, and invigorated a lively discussion: copyright may be facing unprecedented challenges in the era of Big Data.

On Thursday 1 December, the seminar on “A Science Diplomacy approach for Belgium?!” will bring together experts and practitioners with an interest in science, innovation, international cooperation and diplomacy with a view to discussing existing science diplomacy practices and approaches around the world, and to reflecting on a science diplomacy strategy for Belgium. This event is jointly organised by the Institute for European Studies (IES), the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO), the Department Economie, Wetenschap & Innovatie (EWI) and Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI). For further information and registration, please consult the following page. For more information on EL-CSID project click here.

Academic Director, Prof Christian Kaunert, and post-doctoral researcher, Dr Claire Dupont, participated in a workshop on Governing the European Security Space: EU as an Agent of Collective Securitization in Bertinoro, Italy, from 17 to 19 October. Prof Kaunert discussed a paper on ‘The Collective Securitization of Terrorism’ while Dr Dupont discussed her paper on ‘The Collective Securitization of Climate Change’, as part of a roundtable of in-depth discussions among 17 international scholars on collective securitization. On 19 October, both Prof Kaunert and Dr Dupont gave presentations on their topics to students at the University of Bologna.

On Wednesday 19 October 2016, a delegation of our LLM and EuroMaster students got the opportunity to share their ideas on the future of Europe with H.M. King Filip of Belgium. They were part of a group of VUB students who were invited to attend the Journées de Bruxelles. The event was held at Bozar, Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. 

On Wednesday 28 September we had the honour of welcoming Belgian Secretary of State Philippe De Backer, who joined us in welcoming a new generation of LLM and EuroMaster students. Our alumni in the audience witnessed an extremely interesting inaugural lecture on the Digital Economy, Digital Single Market and Privacy. 

On 8 October the IES organised its annual Drinks & Ice Skating Night. The place to be was IJsbaan Leuven. After some warm-up drinks, participants could have a go at recreational skating, figure skating, and of course the IES Stanley Cup. Teams of EuroMaster students, LLM students, IES alumni and IES staff gave it their best shot to grab eternal glory – or at least each other’s arms in order not to hit the ice!


We are pretty sure that the IES’ Lisanne Groen will always have fond memories of Thursday 13 October 2016, the day on which she successfully defended her PhD thesis on the impact the EU has had in multilateral climate and biodiversity negotiations. In front of a jury of 6 people (Prof. Edith Drieskens - KU Leuven, Prof. Tom Delreux - Université catholique de Louvain, Prof. Joachim Koops - Vesalius College and IES-VUB, Prof. Jamal Shahin - IES-VUB and University of Amsterdam, Prof. Ilke Adam - IES-VUB (chair), and promoter Prof. Sebastian Oberthür - IES-VUB) Lisanne elaborated on the subject, methodology and main findings of her research, as well as on some lessons to be learned for policy-makers and a number of ways to further deepen and refine her research results in the future.

On 10 and 11 October, the EL-CSID Advisory Board and Steering Committee meetings were held at the IES. On Monday, the Advisory Board meeting gave the opportunity to the EL-CSID consortium to present its progress to date to the advisory board and to benefit from their useful suggestions and insights. On Tuesday, the Steering Committee, which brings together the member of the EL-CSID consortium, reflected on its progress to date and started planing future EL-CSID activities. Over this two-day meeting, interesting synergies could be identified within and across the various work packages.

The Institute for European Studies (IES) is at the vanguard of a consortium of VUB and Ghent University that has been selected by United Nations University to embed UNU-CRIS, its Belgian campus located in Bruges. Endorsed and funded by the Flemish Government, UNU-CRIS focuses on questions of regional integration worldwide.

Sebastian Oberthür gave a presentation on “Multilateral Climate Negotiations” at the Potsdam Summer School “Dealing with Climate Change Impacts” organised by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, on 12 September 2016.