Ye Xiuling

XiuLing Ye

PhD Researcher Migration, Diversity & Justice


XiuLing YE is a doctoral researcher at the Migration, Diversity & Justice cluster in the IES, she is researching the Human Rights of Migrants, in particular investigating how to safeguard the Human Rights of Migrants in times of the global financial crisis and recession, how governments respond to reducing discrimination and xenophobia to protect the human rights of immigrants, and assess the effectiveness of these policies. She is brooding interested in European Human Rights & Migration Law and Anti-discrimination Policy.

XiuLing holds an MA in Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the JINAN University, and a Bachelor degree specialised in International economic  and trade from HuNan University of Technology. She has attended a full time MBA program “global leader program ” in Japan for one year in  Nagoya university of commerce & business(NUCB). Before starting her study in Graduate school of JINAN University, she worked few years at a energy company in Guangzhou city as a business manager responsible for international import and export business. She later worked in a overseas branch in Myanmar Yangon city for 2 years as a business commissioner.