Trisha Meyer

Dr. Trisha Meyer

Postdoctoral Researcher European Economic Governance


Trisha Meyer is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for European Studies (IES) and an assistant professor at Vesalius College

Her courses focus on global and European governance structures for media and their transition to the online environment. Her research expertise lies in value reconciliation and participatory governance in the fields of copyright and Internet governance.

Trisha raises concern about the use of monitoring, blocking and filtering technology to regulate the availability of creative content. The Internet built with open, unfettered communication in mind, provides exciting opportunities for creativity, collaboration and freedom of expression. However neither technology nor policy are neutral. Careful consideration is needed on how and why we regulate access and control on the Internet. 

Through her research, Trisha analyses and seeks to inform policy debates on intermediary liability on copyright & disinformation online. Methodologically, she is particularly interested in process tracing, discourse analysis and multidisciplinarity in research.

At the IES, Trisha is mainly involved in the GREMLIN project on Global and Regional Multistakeholder Institutions, which is a joint project with the Centre for EU Studies at Ghent University, supported by the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies in Bruges (2017-2022), and the PARENT project, which is supported by Innoviris and the JPI Urban Europe funding scheme (2016-2019). She also coordinates the inter-university summerschool on EU policy making.


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