Sung Kyoo Ahn

Prof. Dr. Ahn Sung Kyoo

KF-VUB Korea Chair Visiting Fellow


Sung Kyoo Ahn joined the IES in January 2020 as a Visiting Fellow conducting research on NATO, with a focus on its relations with Russia, the US and China.  He has obtained a PhD degree from Sungkyunkwan University and wrote a dissertation on Russia’s offensive military posture during the post-cold war period. Previously, he has established a thirty years-long career as a journalist specialising in security and foreign affairs, including North Korean issues. He was awarded the Award of the Journalists Association of Korea for an article on the secret of North Korea’s nation-building. From 1994 to 1997, he worked as a Moscow correspondent and covered the Chechen and Yugoslavia war. In 2003, he was attached to the US forces as an embedded journalist during the Iraq war and wrote a book on his experiences during this time. After retiring from journalism, he joined a South Korean think tank, Asan Institute for Policy Studies, as the chief editor. During this time, he focused on China’s military power expansion.