Max Salomon Jansson

Dr. Max Jansson

PhD Researcher European Economic Governance
+32 47 017 6226


Junior researcher Max Salomon Jansson obtained his LL.M. degree from the University of Helsinki in 2009. This year he graduated in Business Administration from Hanken School of Economics with finance as his major. He has previously worked in a law firm, but joins us from his most recent position as a research assistant at the University of Helsinki, where he conducted research on free movement of services, public procurement and insider trading. He is doing his PhD on value balancing tests in different fields of economic law. The research is conducted using biofuels as a case study.


  • EU and US trade law
  • WTO
  • EU and US Competition law
  • Energy law
  • Biofuels and Renewables
  • Law and Economics

Profile and Publications


Conference Papers

  • JANSSON, Max Salomon. 2014. Austria's Plan to Ban the Import of Nuclear Power: What is the Status of PPM’s under EU Law? Presentation at Energy Transitions Conference, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, 4 March 2014
  • JANSSON, Max Salomon. 2013. Environmental Sustainability as a Ground of Justification in Trade Law, Presentation at the EELF Conference: Environmental Law and Energy and Climate Law as Instruments to Achieve Sustainable Energy, University of Groningen, 9 September 2013.
  • JANSSON, Max Salomon. 2013. Revisiting De Minimis in EU Free Movement Law, Presentation at the Conference "Internal Market in the Time of Economic Crisis - Restrictions and Justifications, 26 April 2013, IUC Dubrovnik, University of Zagreb
  • JANSSON, Max Salomon. 2013. Sustainable Biofuels – Regulatory perspectives from the EU and US, Presentation at the Conference 'ENERGY TRANSITIONS: REGULATION OF ENERGY MARKETS AT NATIONAL, EUROPEAN AND INTERNATIONAL LEVELS', University of Eastern Finland, 5 March 2013

Peer Reviewed Articles

  • JANSSON, Max & KALIMO, Harri. 2014. On a Common Road Towards Sustainable Biofuels? EU and U.S. Approach to Regulating Biofuels, Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law, Vol 8, n 2, 2014, p. 106-159 Link
  • JANSSON, Max & KALIMO, Harri. 2014. De minimis meets “market access”: Transformations in the substance – and the syntax – of EU free movement law? Common Market Law Review, Vol. 51, 2014, 523-558 Link
  • JANSSON, Max Salomon. 2012. Forum för upphandlingstvister och kravet på effektivt rättsskydd, Juridisk tidskrift utgiven av Juridiska Föreningen i Finland, årg. 148, nr 5 , 2012, 490-507. Link
  • JANSSON, Max Salomon. 2011. EU:s kompetens i fråga om hälsovårdstjänster, Nordisk Socialrättslig Tidskrift, nr 3-4, 2011, 95-127. Link