Matilda Axelson

Matilda Axelson

Doctoral Researcher Industrial innovation and low-carbon technologies


Matilda is a Doctoral researcher at the IES, where she combines the fields of sustainability and innovation in research on industrial decarbonisation. Her research is currently targeting mitigation of emissions from energy intensive industries through value chain development and enhancement of European industrial innovation systems. 

Within the scope of her PhD in Economics, Matilda is conducting research on how business model innovations can drive increased resource efficiency in energy intensive industries, particularly the European steel industry. The project includes consulting as a Senior Advisor to the Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness initiative (i24C), on development of industrial decarbonisation strategies. Information about the i24C can be found here.

Matilda has a Master’s degree (M.Sc. Diploma programme) in Industrial Engineering and Management from Lund University, part of which she obtained through exchange programmes at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium). She has previously conducted analyses of breakthrough decarbonisation technologies in the EU steel industry, as well as on decarbonisation of Europe’s energy intensive industries.


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