Jamal Shahin

Prof. Dr. Jamal Shahin

EuroMaster Director, Research Professor "Governance and politics of the internet in Europe"


Jamal Shahin is a part time Research Professor at the Institute for European Studies (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and part time Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. He holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Hull (2004). In Amsterdam, he lectures on the BA and MA programmes in European Studies. His courses concern the governance of the contemporary EU and the importance of linking theory and practice to inform better research and policy. He is also very interested in implementing new teaching methods in his work. He is a member of the European Studies Board of Studies.

His research interests focus on: global internet governance, political participation in the European Union, EU governance, and the impact of the internet on policymaking. Jamal is keen to explore how new forms of social and political organisation at the global level influence effectiveness and legitimacy of decision making. He is also particularly interested in the way in which the EU attempts to communicate its role in both domestic and international venues. Jamal is also very interested in the relationship between science and society, and has carried out research with colleagues at the IES on how to optimise dialogue between disciplines to ensure relevant and useful research can help critique, design and improve policy.

Jamal predominantly works on externally-funded projects at the IES. He currently coordinates two major ones within the institute: 

1. the GREMLIN project on Global and Regional Multistakeholder Institutions, which is a joint project with the Centre for EU studies at the University of Ghent, supported by the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies in Bruges (2017-2021).

2. the PARENT project, which is supported by Innoviris and the JPI Urban Europe funding scheme (2016-2019).

He also collaborates on the GIPO project, supported by the European Commission (2015-2017), and works closely with Ferran Davesa on EU governance and communication issues.

Jamal can supervise PhD theses on topics of EU ICT policy both at the global and European levels.

Jamal is an infrequent user of twitter:@jshahin, linkedin:jshahin and researchgate.


  • Policy making, Governance, and Democratic processes in the European Union
  • Information Society policies in the European Union
  • eGovernment and eGovernment policies across the world
  • The EU as an international actor
  • Performance measurement and evaluation
  • ICTs, participation and public administration in international, EU, national, and local governance

Profile and Publications



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Peer Reviewed Articles

  • SHAHIN, Jamal, WOODWARD, Alison & TERZIS, Georgios. 2013. The impact of the crisis on civil society organisations in the EU: risks and opportunities, Open Citizenship 4(1): 12-21.

Commissioned Research & Policy Work

  • OSIMO, David (Open Evidence), SMITH, Fabrizio (Open Evidence), VERONA, Marcello (Open Evidence), SZKUTA, Katarzyna (Open Evidence), SHAHIN, Jamal & MEYER, Trisha . 2014. Feasibility study on using automated technologies to support policy-making, SMART 2013/0024, Brussels: European Commission, July 2014 Link
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  • SHAHIN, Jamal, WOODWARD, Alison & TERZIS, Georgios. 2013. The impact of the crisis on civil society organisations in the EU: risks and opportunities. Brussels: European Economic and Social Committee.
  • VERHEYDEN, Mark, SHAHIN, Jamal & GLIDDEN, Julia. 2013. DG Connect's stakeholder engagement strategy, IES Policy Brief

Other Publications

  • SHAHIN, Jamal. 2013. New governance structures and engaging participation in service delivery, paper presented at Arab Regional Administrative Development Organisation Annual Forum, 25-28 September 2013