Dr. Anna Katharina Stahl

Senior Associate Researcher
+32 2 614 80 01


Dr. Anna Katharina Stahl is a Senior Associate Research Fellow at the IES, where she completed a Ph.D. on the trilateral relations with between the European Union, China and Africa. 

Her areas of expertise include the European foreign and security policy, European development  and trade policy, EU Strategic Partnerships with emerging powers (e.g. China, Russia, South Africa), Chinese foreign policy, cooperation between the EU and the African Union (AU), fragile states in Africa, the security-development nexus, China-Africa relations, South-South and Triangular Cooperation, multilateral development cooperation (e.g. OECD DAC, post-2015 development agenda).

In the context of her doctoral research, Dr. Stahl conducted field research in China, South Africa and Ethiopia. She was a visiting fellow at the Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS) at Stellenbosch University. In addition, Dr. Stahl gained working experience at the Council of Europe, the UN/UNDP, the European Parliament and in the NGO sector.