Stephan Klose

Dr. Stephan Klose

Postdoctoral Researcher European Foreign & Security Policy


Stephan Klose joined the Institute for European Studies in October 2014.

Stephan’s research aims at understanding change and continuity in the EU’s performance as an international actor. Concretely, his research investigates the EU's evolving roles in East Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East/North Africa from a socio-psychological (role-theoretical) perspective. 

Stephan holds an MSc in Asian Studies from Lund University and a BSc in European Studies from the University of Twente.


Latest Publications: 

Stephan Klose (2019) "Interactionist role theory meets ontological security studies: An exploration of synergies between socio-psychological approaches to the study of international relations" European Journal of International Relations. Online first version available at: 

Stephan Klose (2019) "The emergence and evolution of an external actor's regional role: An interactionist role theory perspective" Cooperation and Conflict, 54(3), 426-441

Stephan Klose (2018) "Theorizing the EU's Actorness: Towards and Interactionist Role Theory Framework" Journal of Common Market Studies, 56(5): 1144-1160. 

Stephan Klose, Astrid Pepermans & Leia Wang (2017) "An Uphill Struggle: Towards a coordinated EU engagement with China's Belt and Road Initiative" European Policy Brief (21 November). Available online at:




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Peer Reviewed Articles

  • SIMON, Luis & KLOSE, Stephan. 2015. Asia Europe Journal (Online First) Link

Newspaper Op-eds & Online Commentary

  • KLOSE, Stephan. 2015. EGMONT Commentary Link