Hongyu Wang

Dr. Hongyu Wang

Senior Associate Researcher


PhD. in Political Science
PhD. in International Relations

Lecturer in International Political Economy
School of International Studies
University of International Business and Economics
Beijing 100029, China
Mobile: (86) 1512 000 7637
Email: hongyuruc@gmail.com
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Personal Information:

March 1982 born in Heilongjiang, China

Education Background:

Degree Programs

2006-2011, Joint Supervision and Doctoral Program
Major in International Politics
- School of International Studies (2006-2011)
Renmin University of China, Beijing, China
PhD. in International Relations
- Political Department (2007-2011)
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussel, Belgium
PhD. in Political Science
Doctoral Research:
European Trade Policy Making as an Exchange of Goods between Public and Private Actors
in Multilevel Networks

2004-2006, Graduate Program
College of Humanities and law
Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, China
M.A. in Administration, June 2006
Topic of Graduate Research:
On Constructing the Actors and Their Interactions in the Process of European Constitutionalism

2000-2004, Undergraduate Program
College of Humanities and law
Yanshan University, Qinhuangdao, China
B.A. in Politics, July 2003
Topic of Undergraduate Program: Russian foreign policy towards European Union

Training Experience
June 2010-July 2010, Summer School on Interest Group Politics
The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)
Organized by University of Antwerp, Belgium

June 2008-June 2008, GARNET PhD Summer School
European Union and Université Libre du Bruxelles, Belgium
Organized by IEE, ULB

September 2007- September 2008, Joint PhD Programme on European Studies
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Organized by Renmin University of China and Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Funded by China Scholarship Council

September 2007-December 2007, Programme on International Legal Cooperation
Institute of European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

September 2005-June 2006, MA Programme on European Studies in English
Renmin University of China, Beijing, China
Organized by Renmin University of China (CESRUC) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel

English Proficiency:

Certification of College English Test Band 6, China
Fluent in reading, writing, listening and speaking

Research Fields

European studies, International politics theories, International Political Economy
Governance theories and Policy networks
EU-China relations

Work Experience:

2011–present: Senior Associate Researcher,
Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
2010–present: Part-time Associate Professor, Assistant Master Supervisor
College of Humanities and Law, Yanshan University, China
2008–present: journalistic articles writer
Chief Economic Daily in Shanghai, China
The online magazine and website “England Online”, London, UK
2011-2012: Member of International Studies Association
2007-2008, International Scholar
Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies (BICCS), Belgium
2006-2007, Associate Researcher, program coordinator
Centre for European Studies at Renmin University of China, China
2003-2006, Associate Editor,
Academic Journal of Yanshan University (Social Science), China


Book chapters:
2005, 全球电子治理概论(“Introduction of global E-Governance”). 刘邦凡主编(In Liu Bangfan), 电子治理导论(Introduction of Electronic-Governance), 北京:北京大学出版社(Beijing: Peking University Press), pp39-59

2007, 建构主义视角下的欧洲立宪研究. (The European Constitutionalism from the Perspective of Constructivism). 赵海峰主编,(In Zhao Haifeng) “欧盟宪法条约与欧盟超国家治理研讨会暨中国欧洲学会欧洲法研究会首届年会”论文集 (Constitutional Treaty and New Development of European Law), 哈尔滨工业大学出版社 Harbin Institute of Technology Press, pp39-59

Journal Articles:
欧盟对外决策中的公私互动研究:多层网络分析 (Public-private interactions in European foreign policy-making: multilevel networks analysis), 河北大学学报(哲社版)(Chinese Journal of European Studies) (CSSCI), 2012,forthcoming(peer reviewed)

政策网络与欧盟对外决策分析( Policy Networks Approach and the Analysis on European Foreign Policy Making), 欧洲研究 (Chinese Journal of European Studies) (CSSCI), 2009, Vol.1:140-150 (peer reviewed).

建构主义视角下的欧洲一体化问题(The European Integration on the View of Constructivism). 长白学刊(Changbai Academic Journal) (CSSCI), 2009,Vol.2:157 (peer reviewed).

欧洲一体化进程中的治理理论及其模式(Governance theory in European integration process). 产业与科技论坛 (Industrial & Science Tribune), 2009,Vol.2:248-249 (peer reviewed).

On European Cultural Identity through EU Cultural Policy. Journal of Cambridge Studies, 2008Vol.1, United Kingdom: 24-30 (peer reviewed).

对布莱尔时期新工党政策执行的思考 (A reflexive study of public service delivery under Blair Administration), 行政与法(Administration and Law), 2008,Vol.5:64-66 (peer reviewed).

论电子治理与人类基本价值的实现 (E-governance and the realization of Basic Human Values), 大庆师范学院学报(Journal of Daqing Normal College), 2008,Vol.3:25-28 (peer reviewed).

论欧洲立宪的主体行为模式建构 (On Constructing the Actors in the Process of European Constitutionalism), 外交评论(外交学院学报) (Foreign Affairs Review) (CSSCI), 2007, Vol.3:72-80 (peer reviewed).

论北约东扩与俄罗斯的欧洲战略 (Analysis on east-expansion of NATO and Russia’s policy towards Europe), 邢台职业技术学院学报 (Journal of Xingtai Vocational and Technical College), 2005, Vol.2:14-17 (peer reviewed).

欧盟东扩背景下的俄罗斯对欧战略决策分析(Study on Russian Diplomatic Strategy towards Europe at the Background of EU Expansion),河北科技师范学院学报(Journal of Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology), 2005,Vol.4:100-104 (peer reviewed).

浅析俄罗斯对欧战略的决策机制 (Decision-making mechanism of Russian Strategic towards Europe), 河北理工大学学报(哲社版)(Journal of Hebei Polytechnic University (Social Science)), 2005,Vol.4:41-44 (peer reviewed).

International Conference
April 2007. Paper (in English) on “The European Constitutionalism from the Perspective of Constructivism”, in conference of “European Constitution Treaty and EU supranational governance.” Organized by European Law research association in Chinese Academy of European Studies

May 2007. Paper (in English) on “European Culture identity construction”, in international conference of “Thoughts, Culture and social background of European integration”, organized by Sichuan University of China.

May 2007. Participation in conference of “Europe: from Nation States to National Union”, organized by Peking University.

May 2007. Participation in conference of “50th Anniversary of Rome Treaty”, organized by Law school of Renmin University of China.

November 2007. Participation in “Global Jean Monnet Conference 2007”, organized by DG Education, European Commission.

March 2011. Paper (in English) on “European trade policymaking towards China: public-private interaction”, in conference of “52nd ISA Annual Convention”, organized by International Studies Association (ISA). Montreal, Canada.

Research Projects:

2012-2014, Leading Researcher, Humanities and Social Science Studies Programme
Funded by Ministry of Education, China.

2011-2012, Leading Researcher, Research Program of University of International Business and Economics, China

2008-2011, PhD Researcher
“The European Union’s Policy on Greater China: Conceptualizing the Interaction Pattern in a Multi-Level Institutional Setting”
Organized by Prof. Bruno Coppieters, Department for Political Science, VUB

2008-2010, Researcher
Humanities and Social Science Studies Programme at Ministry of Education, China.
“The Comparison of European Parliament and Chinese system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation”
Organized by Professor Han Xiuyi, Liaoning Normal University

2006-2007, Research Assistant & Programme Coordinator
EU-China European Studies Centres Programme. “The Impact of EU Enlargement on European Integration and the Global Political Economy”
Organized by Professor Song Xinning, Renmin University of China

2004-2006, Participant
Hebei Province Social Science Program, “Enhancing the Administrative Abilities in the
Interactions between China and the World”
Organized by Professor Wu Yong, Yanshan University

2004-2005, Participant
MPA Programme on Translation of Two Books “Key Concepts in Politics” and
“Introduction to International Relations”
Published by Professor Wu Yong, Tianjin People Press, 2008


international relations; EU-China relations; network governance