Turkey in Europe: Keynote Speech by Turkish Minister for EU Affairs

9 Nov 2011 11:30
9 Nov 2011 13:00

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The status of Turkey within the EU has been a matter of considerable academic and political debate over the past decades. Having formally requested membership in 1987, accession talks have been taking place for almost 25 years. With the creation of a Ministry for EU Affairs, Turkey has enhanced consultations in the past few years, and official negotiations with the EU started exactly five years ago. Although the European landscape is still divided over the question, Turkey aims for effective membership in the foreseeable future. Turkey’s Minister for European Union Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış has therefore accepted to give a keynote speech at the Institute for European Studies (IES) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on Thursday 9 November between 11:30 and 13:00. Minister Bağış will give a talk on ‘Turkey in Europe’ and will also devote time to questions from the audience. It is a unique opportunity for students, scholars and other interested parties to engage in a dialogue with the Chief Negotiator of Turkey.

Against this backdrop, the IES is proud to announce the 17th book in its Book Publication Series: “On the Road to EU Membership”, by postdoctoral researchers Selen Sarisoy Guerin and Ioannis Stivachtis. The book sheds light on the economic transformation of Turkey and its impact on potential EU membership. The official book launch will follow the formal lecture of Minister Bağış, and will take place in the foyer of the Aula. You are cordially invited to join the book launch reception from 13:00.

We look forward to welcoming you to the lecture on ‘Turkey in Europe’ by Turkish Minister for European Union Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış and, subsequently, to the IES book launch.


Welcome Address
Introduction by Selen Sarisoy Guerin: The EU and Relations with Turkey
Keynote Speech 'Turkey in Europe' by EGEMEN BAĞIŞ, Minister for European Union Affairs and Chief Negotiator
Questions & Answers
Reception and Official Launch of the IES Book “On The Road To EU Membership: The Economic Transformation Of Turkey”

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