Educational Development Unit


The Educational Development Unit is involved in a wide range of activities in the areas of teaching, training, e-learning, blended learning and research.

Research Team

Teaching & Learning

Research Associates

Focus Area

  • The role of education in external relations, EU education diplomacy, global education governance


  • Learning design, supporting and enhancing student learning using technology, blended learning, MOOCs


  • EU institutions and policy-making, blended learning, use of technology in learning

  • EU decision-making, EU law, environmental law

The unit has a broad teaching programme and conducts the undergraduate exchange programme Hendrix for students from the US, the inter-university Summer School on the European Decision-Making Process jointly with the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, customized summer schools as well as graduate teaching programmes on EU matters jointly with the University of Kent in Brussels and the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel.


In September 2011, the Educational Development Unit is launching its new Wednesday Webinar Series. The webinar series is meant to complement the traditional in-house training sessions. Through webinars, users can be provided with more flexibility and greater accessibility free of geographical constraints without jeopardizing the pedagogical goals of the unit. The Elluminate webinar platform allows the combination of face to face lecturing with additional presentation and instant feedback options. Webinars will always be held on a Wednesday from 12-13:15 providing for a compact but comprehensive session.

E-Learning – EU Modules

In addition to its teaching and training activities as well as the webinars, the unit offers the possibility of combining the face-to-face sessions with access to its e-learning system EU-modules that provides essential information on the European Union in a user-friendly format. The online content can be used either as support material and reference tool before, during and after the teaching and training sessions or as a stand-alone learning tool for external users.


Furthermore, the unit conducts research on a wide variety of different topics on EU matters including institutional questions, EU law, energy security, foreign policy, etc. as a preparation for the teaching and training activities. In addition, special focus is put on research in the area of innovative methods of teaching European studies and technology enhanced learning/blended learning.

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