IES Research - European Economic Governance

The European Economic Governance cluster conducts fundamental and policy-relevant research and provides education and academic services on economic law and policy and democratic governance.

In economic law and policy, our work spans trade, intellectual property, competition, taxation and fiscal policy and the green economy, and specialises in the intersections between these fields. In terms of governance, the cluster focuses on political economy and democratic governance (better regulation and participation) in the context of the Internet and the EU’s role in shaping it. The cluster as a whole strives to reach across these fields, bringing richer and more comprehensive solutions for European (economic) governance to the fore.

The work in the EEG cluster can be framed along four intertwined lines of research:

  • Digital economy
  • The greening economy
  • Governance of the Internet and governance on the Internet
  • Governance of European economies and markets

Cutting across the above noted areas is the theoretical research theme of reconciling economic and non-economic values in fragmented, polycentric societies. The on-going contestation of Europe’s core values is scrutinized in selected areas of economic and non-economic law and policy. The interlinkages of values are investigated through the “dual prisms” of, e.g. environmental protection and trade, competition law and data protection, fiscal policy and state aid, copyright and culture in the Internet, as well as intellectual property rights and development policy.

Research Team

Post-Doctoral Researchers


Doctoral Researchers

Associate Researchers

Visiting Researchers


  • EU, US and Intl Economic Law; Circular Economy and Biofuels; Copyright and Digital Single Market
  • VAT, E-Commerce
  • Copyright, Internet Governance, Democratic Governance, Political Economy
  • Digital Single Market, EU ICTs Policy, eGovernment


  • Sustainable lifestyles, Environmental Policy, citizen participation, Biofuels


  • Intellectual Property Rights, Pharmaceuticals
  • Internet, Democratic Governance, ICTs
  • Trade Law (EU, US, WTO), Public Procurement, Electricity & Biofuels, State Aid
  • Competition Law, Data Protection, Intellectual Property Rights
  • Trade Law (EU, WTO), Renewable Energy Law, Biofuels, Aviation Biofuels, State Aid
  • Competition Law (State Aid), Tax Law


  • Competition Law
  • Social Media, ICT-Enabled Governance, Egypt
  • E-Governance, New Media, EU Information Society Policy
  • Climate, Energy and WTO law
  • Competition Law
  • EU Budget, Cohesion Policy, Multi-Level Governance
  • EU and International Trade Law
  • Competition and Trade Law (EU, US), Media, Sports Law


  • Value Reconciliation in Public Procurement
  • Competition Law, EU Law
  • Human Rights, International Personhood, Secession




Date Event Event Type
25 October Participation in EU Policy-Making: Which Approach for Youth? Research Colloquium
24 October Copyright in the Era of Big Data (co-organized with the Centre for Literary and Intermedial
 and Vesalius College at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the Institute for
German Studies / Literary and Media Studies
 at the University of Duisburg-Essen
19 October Sustainable Advanced Fuels in Emission Reduction for Aviation: What are EU Policy Options? Policy Forum
13 October The Interface between EU Competition Law and Regulation: Challenges and New Developments Policy Forum
28 September Inaugural Lecture by Secretary of State Philippe De Backer Lecture
16-17 June eCoherence Final Conference (co-organized with University of Turku) Conference
14 June Intersection of EU Competition Law and Data Protection in the Digital Market Research Colloquium
8 June

Contribution of GIPO to Multistakeholderism in Internet Governance 
(co-organized with the European Commission)

Policy Roundtable
3 June The Future of EMU: Enhanced Market Discipline, Centralised Governance
or Somewhere In Between?
 (co-organized with the European Commission)
26 April Internal Market Commissioner Bieńkowska on Single Market Strategy Policy Forum
25 April Industrial Ecology: Science, the Environment and the Circular Economy 
(co-organized with Yale University, University of Cambridge, Norwegian University of Science &
Technology and INSEAD)
22 January Turning the Circular Economy Strategy into Workable Reality Policy Forum


Date Event Event Type
2 December eCoherence Research Seminar — Value Reconciliation Workshop
24 November  Shaping a European Common Law of Competition in Lithuania.
How a Competition Authority Deals with Global Energy Giants,
Agriculture, Budget and Independence
Policy Forum
24 November Internalizing Externalities and Tests in Economic Law: Efficiency,
Democracy and Coherence
Research Colloquium
10 November The Stakeholder and the Decision Maker: One and the Same?
Challenges for Democratic Governance in Managing the Internet
Research Colloquium
27 October Promoting Sustainable Bioenergy in the European Union Research Colloquium
13 October The European Union's 'Participatory Turn'. Which Approach for Youth? Research Colloquium
October-February IES Autumn Lecture Series EUPERFORM Lecture Series
24 September Fostering a Culture in Global Participation in Internet Governance Lecture
22 September Jyrki Katainen Delivers IES Inaugural Lecture Lecture
28 August eCoherence Research Seminar — Discourse Analysis Workshop
14 July eCoherence Research Seminar — Coherence Workshop
24 June eCoherence Research Seminar — Fragmentation Workshop
3 June Decision-Making in Antitrust in Brussels and Beijing Mini Lecture Series
27 May Shaping a European Common Law of Competition - The Portuguese Perspective Mini Lecture Series
12 May Intersection of Competition Law and Data Protection in the EU Digital Market Research Colloquium
24 April The Future of Fiscal Policy in the EU: The Multi-Level Governance of Public Finance Policy Forum
February-May SMIT/IES Lecture Series on the European Digital Information Society Lecture Series



Unpacking Participatory Governance in the EU. Which Approach for Youth? (PhD) Ferran Davesa
Economic Renewable Energy Law - Balancing Economic and Non-Economic Values in the EU and US (PhD) Max Jansson
Constructing a Legal and Policy Framework for the Promotion and Uptake of Biofuels in Aviation - FP7 Harri Kalimo, Ólöf Söebech, Filip Sedefov
Ecoherence, Reconciling Economic and Non-Economic Values in a Multi-Polar Society - Academy of Finland, in collaboration with the University of Turku Harri Kalimo, Claire Dupont, Max Jansson, Marie Lamensch, Klaudia Majcher, Byron Maniatis, Trisha Meyer, Filip Sedefov, Ben Van Rompuy
FORENSOR, FOREnsic evidence gathering autonomous seNSOR - H2020, coordinated by CERTH - Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis (Greece) Dariusz Kloza, Paul De Hert
Legal Relationship between EU Competition Law, Data Protection and Privacy in the Context of the EU Digital Market (PhD) Klaudia Majcher
Achieving Coherent Promotion of Sustainable Bioenergy at the National, EU and International Levels (PhD) Filip Sedefov
EUPERFORM, The EU's Performance in Multilateral Organizations - International Telecommunication Union Jamal Shahin
PARENT, PARticipatory platform for sustainable ENergy managemenT  - Innoviris, JPI Urban Europe Jamal Shahin, Klaas Chielens, Jacintha Liem, Trisha Meyer, Ólöf Söebech, Alessia Tanas
GIPO, Technical Development of the Online Platform for the Global Internet Policy Observatory - DG CONNECT, coordinated by P.A.U. Education Jamal Shahin, Trisha Meyer
Framework Contract on Support for Strategies and Visions for DG CONNECT, European Commission - DG CONNECT, coordinated by RAND Europe Jamal Shahin, Julia Glidden, Trisha Meyer
SOURCE - Virtual centre of excellence for research support and coordination on societal security Ólöf Söebech, Irina van der Vet, Klaas Chielens, Florian Lang




  • La Cobertura Mediática de una Acción 'Conectiva': La Interacción Entre el Movimiento 15-M y los Medios de Comunicación (in English: Media Coverage of a 'Connective' Action: The Interaction Between the 15-M Movement and the Mass Media)
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  • Is There Any Future for the Vendor Collection Model in the 21st Century Economy?
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  • Will Bio-Jet Fly? Towards a Carbon Neutral Aviation Sector
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