IES Research - Migration, Diversity and Justice

Issues of migration and diversity are central to European integration. The European Union is characterized by mobility both within its borders and beyond. People move to and within the Union thanks to combinations of historical, economic, social and political factors, anticipating prospects of improved lives and opportunities. Opinion surveys and political events bear witness to the concerns of citizens all over Europe on these topics. The criteria for dealing with diversities as well as accepting immigrants and integrating them into our societies are important topics in public discourse.

The research cluster focuses on migration, immigrant integration, justice and home affairs as well as diversity policies (from the local level right up to the European Union and United Nations). We concentrate in particular on the following sub-themes:

  • The polarisation and contestation of the free movement regime in Europe.
  • The politics of refugee protection and migration control: asylum, border control, migration and immigrant integration policies of the EU and its member states; solidarity and burden-sharing in Europe; EU cooperation with countries of migrants’ origin and transit.
  • Justice and equality policies in an increasingly diverse Europe: community formation and cohesion in increasingly heterogeneous European societies.

Our team includes several professors, postdocs, PhD researchers, research associates and interns with backgrounds in political science, law, sociology and anthropology. Our activities include teaching, fundamental and applied research and consultancy. We lead or contribute to EU- and nationally funded projects and are in close interactions with specialized research networks. We strive to be a hub for all research related issues on migration, diversity and justice in Brussels and welcome researchers, policymakers and individuals willing to engage with us. 

Our team members also coordinate the Brussels Interdisciplinary Research centre on Migration and Minorities (BIRMM). It joins over 100 VUB researchers from diverse disciplines working on migration and diversity related topics.

Research Team

Senior Researchers Research Interests
  • Identity; Nationalism; Racism; Roma Rights; Immigrant Integration; Ethnicity.
  • Immigration & Integration Policies (Multi-level Governance); Migration Sociology; Diversity & Multiculturalism.
  • EU Justice and Home Affairs (internal and external dimension); Dynamics of EU Decision-making; Fundamental Rights and Rule of Law Promotion; EU-Western Balkans Relations.
  • Fundamental Rights of (traditional and new) Minorities; Non-discrimination Law; Religious Diversity; Rights to Political and Socio-economic Participation; International Courts and their Legitimacy Struggle.
  • Societal Security and Constructivism; Hybrid Threats Analysis; EU Counter-Radicalization Policy; International Institutions.  
  • Integration of Refugees in the EU; Higher Education of Refugees; Refugees’ Access to Labour Markets.
  • Europeanization; Intersectionality; Migration & Minorities; Roma Rights; Roma Women Activism; Social Movements.

  • European Decision-making Process; Justice and Home Affairs Policies; Legislative Studies; Fundamental Rights; e-Government; Civic Techs and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Immigration Detention; Expulsion; Border Control; Migration Sociology; Human Rights of Migrants; Ethnography; Field Theory.
  • Ethnic Inequality in the Labour Market; Diversity Management; Equality Data.
  • Immigrant Integration & Anti-discrimination Policy; Racism & Inequalities; Migration & Minorities.
  • Immigration and Integration Public Policies; Diversity; Federalism; Multi-Level Governance; Nationalism. 
Doctoral Researchers  
  • High Skilled Return Migration; South Asia; Cosmopolitanism; Global South; Entrepreneurship; Diaspora.
  • EU Justice and Home Affairs; EU Asylum Policies; Migration; Extradition law; Fundamental Rights.

  • Refugee Resettlement; Agency of refugees; EU Asylum Policies; Migration Governance.
  • EU Migration Cooperation; Externalisation; Immigration to the EU; Return Policy.
  • Immigration to the EU; Immigrant Integration & Migration Governance.
  • Identity; Immigrant Integration; Migration & Minorities; Diversity & Multiculturalism; EU Justice and Home Affairs.

  • Chinese migration policy.
  • Return Migration; EU-Gambia Migration Cooperation; Regime Change; Externalisation.
  • Democratization and Regime Change in Africa; Migration and Ethnic Politics in The Gambia; Postcolonial Literature of Africa.
  • Social Movements; Anti-discrimination Policies; Migration and Minorities; Intersectionality; Race Politics; Political Sociology.
  • Fatma Sevgi Temizisler
  • European Integration; EU Justice and Home Affairs; Politicization and Securitization of Migration.
Associate Researchers  
  • Diversity; Gender; Comp. EU Public Policy & Organisation; Civil Society; Transnational Mobilisation; Equality.
  • EU Migration and Asylum Policies; EU Freedom of Movement; Border and Mobility Policies (EU and OECD).
  • International Migration, Sociology of Migration, European Border Management, Border Studies, Governance and Governmentality, Postcolonial Theories.
  • External Dimension EU Migration and Asylum Policy; Borders and Securitisation; Migration Governance in West Africa; Autonomy of Migration.
  • Europeanisation; negotiation behaviour and strategies; public policy analysis, migration and asylum policies.
  • Sociology of Education and Youth; Issues of Diversity and Discrimination; Intersectionality.

  • Immigration; Political Participation of Immigrants; Discrimination; Political Representation of Immigrants and Minorities.


Recent Events



Event Type

28 January 2021

Insights into Subnational Immigrant Integration Policies Worldwide

Policy Forum
11 December 2020

The Disproportionate Negative Impact of COVID-19 on the Health and Socio-Economic Participation of Minorities and Migrants

Policy Forum
2 December 2020

#BlackLivesMatter in Europe: A Transnational Movement influencing policy agendas?

Policy Forum
30 October 2020 Second BIRMM Research Day Research Day
13 December 2019 What if Mayors Ruled Migration? Policy Forum
2 December 2019 The politicization of immigration in Portugal between 1995-2014: a European exception? Policy Forum
14 November 2019

Scaling Fences - Voices of Irregular African Migrants to Europe

Policy Forum
10 October 2019

Migration Aspirations: Strategies of Young Africans in State Of ‘Involuntary Immobility’

Policy Forum
8-9 October 2019

Seminar on Research Methodology with Dr. Ismaila Ceesay: "Doing Research In Africa”


7 October 2019

"How (street-)level bureaucrats construct immigration policies?" Brown Bag Lunch Seminar with Dr. Carla Mascia and Dr. Andrew Crosby

28 May 2019

Presentation by Giles Merritt: "More Migrants Please – How Populists Threaten Our Future"

Book Presentation
3 May 2019 Lecture by Dr. Mark H. Lopez, PEW Research Center: "Around the World, More Say Immigrants Are a Strength Than a Burden"

Guest Lecture

26 April 2019

BIRMM Research Day

Research Day

3 April 2019

EU-African Cooperation on Migration: What are the African Interests?

Policy Forum
1 April 2019 Queer Migrations Book Presentation
18 January 2019

Development and Democratization in The new Gambia: African and European Perspectives

Policy Forum
5 December 2018

European Projects on Societal Security and Extremism: Exchanging Ideas and Practices

5 December 2018

Anti-discrimination Policy and Anti-racist Activism in Polarized Times

Policy Forum
4 December 2018

Citizen Outsider: Children of North African Immigrants in France

Book Presentation

19 October 2018

Brussels Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Migration and Minorities (BIRMM) Kick-Off Meeting and Networking Event

Expert Conference
21 June 2018

Kick-Off Workshop for the Belgian Living Lab on Countering Radicalisation Leading to Violent Extremism

30 April 2018

Inter-State and Private Actors in Managing Migration

Policy Forum
28 March 2018

Post-Crisis: Is the Reform of the EU’s Asylum System on Track?

Policy Forum
26 January 2018

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Rainer Münz, Advisor on Migration and Demography, European Political Strategy Centre: "Flooded" by Immigrants? Myths and Realities

Guest Lecture

31 May 2017

The Border and the Wall. How to Tackle Migration Control at the EU External Border?

Policy Forum

12 April 2017

Book Launch and Panel Discussion: EU Asylum Policies. The Power of Strong Regulating States

Book Launch
22 March 2017

The Implementation of the EU Action Plan on Integration. Feedback from the Member States, Regional and Local Authorities

Policy Forum
14 December 2016 The EU Enlargement and Gay Politics in Central and Eastern Europe Policy Forum
7 December 2016 European Identity in Crisis: What Role for the EU? Policy Forum
28-29 October 2016

(Dis)locating EUrope: Conflicts, Challenges and Changes

19 May 2016 The Refugee Crisis and the EU Turkey Deal: Which Role for the EU's Home Affairs Agencies? Policy Forum
2 December 2015

Politicization of EU Freedom of Movement. Does EU Mobility Promote Socio-Political Integration?

Policy Forum
29 May 2015 Controlling the Edges of Europe. EU External Border Surveillance: Intersections between the Public and the Private Policy Forum
11 March 2015

The Temple Asylum Game: Workshop and Simulation Exercise on Societal Security


14 November 2014

The European Parliament in Migration and Asylum Politics

Policy Forum

10 March 2014

Lecture Series on Migration in the Mediterranean

Spring Lecture Series

6 March 2014

The Implementation of the Blue Card Directive: what, why and what next?

Policy Forum

Spring 2013

The Multilevel Governance of Migration and Immigrant Integration Spring Lecture Series
17 January 2013  Climate Migration: From Research to (EU) Policy-making Policy Forum
Spring 2012 The International Criminal Court's Second Decade: Quo Vadis? Spring Lecture Series
25-26 April 2012 Reasonable Accommodation of Cultural Diversity in Belgium and Canada Expert Conference

Current Projects

Empower Youth: Obstacles and Facilitators to Youth Societal and Civic Participations in Brussels

Andrew Crosby, Géraldine André

Cooperation beyond Borders – EU Migration Cooperation with Third Countries Explained

Philipp Stutz

African Migration: Root Causes and Regulatory Dynamics (AMIREG)

Leonie Jegen, Ilke Adam, Florian Trauner

MINDb4ACT: Mapping, identifyINg and Developing skills and opportunities in operating environments to co-create innovative, ethical and effective ACTions to tackle radicalization leading to violent extremism

Irina van der Vet, Florian Lang, Florian Trauner

Virtual centre of excellence for research support and coordination on societal security (SOURCE)

Irina van der Vet, Christof Roos 

Who wins the legislative battle? Tracing legislative change and policy ideas in the area of freedom, security and justice

Angela Tacea

Opening the black-box of refugee resettlement: The agency of Syrian refugees in the resettlement process from Jordan and Turkey to Germany

Hanna Schneider

The immigration-federalism nexus: Taking the subnational level seriously

Catherine Xhardez



Past Projects

L'Enquête POMBE - Une enquête auprès de personnes originaires d'Afrique subsaharienne Ilke Adam
Demystifying the Trust Problem in EU Criminal Law: Enhancing Mutual Trust by Harmonising Criminal Procedural Rights

Auke Willems

The Legitimacy of EU Criminal Law

 Irene Wieczorek

Belgo-Marocains, Belgo-Turcs: (auto)portrait de nos concitoyens

Corinne Torrekens/Ilke Adam

Renforcer la coopération institutionnelle pour améliorer l’accès des personnes issues de l'immigration au marché du travail

Ilke Adam/Mathijs van Dijk

A European Framework for Migrant Integration

Hannelore Goeman
Reasonable Accommodation of Cultural Diversity in a Working Environment Ilke Adam/Souâd Hamdoui/Andrew Crosby
Risks and Opportunities of the Crisis on Civil Society Organizations in the EU (ROCCS) Alison Woodward/Jamal Shahin/Georgios Terzis
Migrant Integration Best Practices Across the Atlantic: Brussels and Detroit Richard Lewis/Fred Pearson
In Search of the Meaning, the Scope and the Outer Limits of the Concept of 'Organizational' for the Purpose of the Definition of Crimes Against Humanity in the ICC-Statute Mathias Holvoet
The Europeanisation of Romani Women Policies & Politics in Central & Eastern European Member States Serena D'Agostino

Policing the Brain-Gain: Cross Border Social Networks in Migration Trends and Governance Implications in the Global North and South 


Malasree Neepa Acharya

Ethno-racial (In)equality in Belgium and Germany: Understanding Policy Frames

Laura Westerveen


Recent Publications


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