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Group photo of the International Security Cluster (January 2018)

Researchers that are part of the International Security (IS) cluster operate at the crossroads of geopolitical analysis, strategic studies and European studies. In keeping with an increasingly turbulent international landscape, cluster researchers analyse the on-going re-ordering of the European political architecture and how it relates to the wider world. In doing so, they pay particular attention to geopolitical competition between Russia and the West, instability in the broader Middle East, the rise of Asia and its implications for Europe and the transatlantic relationship, the changing face of international diplomacy and the exigencies of modern warfare.

The cluster is led by Prof Dr Luis Simon and Prof Dr Alexander Mattelaer. It offers a home to various projects, such as the Korea Foundation-VUB Korea Chair chaired by Dr. Ramon Pachecho Pardo and assisted by Paula Cantero Dieguez; and the EL-CSID project led by Prof Dr Luk Van Langenhove and Dr Richard Higgott and assisted by Elke Boers. Additionally, it includes Dr. Tongfi Kim and Antonio Calcara of Vesalius College; and Marie Curie Fellows Dr Jan Völkel and Dr Chantal Lavallée.  Furthermore, a number of PhD researchers are involved with the cluster: Linde DesmaeleStephan KloseAntonios Nestoras, Elie Perot and Maaike Verbruggen. The cluster also welcomes Visiting Professor Dr Daniel Fiott (EU ISS), Guest Professor Dr Raluca Csernatoni, KF-VUB Korea Chair Visiting Fellow Young-Hun Kim (ROK Ministry of Unification), Transatlantic Fellow Dr Jordan Becker (NATO) and Associate Researcher Dr Anna K. Stahl (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung). 

Latest publications

  • FIOTT, Daniel.  2018.  Military CSDP Operations: Strategy, Financing, Effectivenes, in Steven Blockmans and Panos Koutrakos (eds.) Research Handbook on the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp.111–31. Link.
  • FIOTT, Daniel.  2019a.  What if… a Foreign Submarine is Hijacked on Europe?, in Florence Gaub (ed.) What If…? Scanning the Horizon: 12 Scenarios for 2021, Paris: EU Institute for Security Studies, pp.8–11. Link.
  • FIOTT, Daniel.  2019b.  What if… the United States Pulls out of Europe?, in Florence Gaub (ed.) What If…? Scanning the Horizon: 12 Scenarios for 2021, Paris: EU Institute for Security Studies, pp.55–58. Link.
  • KIM, Tongfi.  2019.  U.S. Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Alliances: A Comparison, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. Link.
  • LAVALLÉE, Chantal.  2019.  The EU policy for civil drones: the challenge of governing emerging technologies, Institute for European Studies, IES Policy Brief, No. 1, January 2019. Link.
  • MATTELAER, Alexander.  2019.  The resurgence of bilateral diplomacy in Europe, Egmont Institute, Egmont Papers, No. 104, 29 January 2019. Link.
  • PACHECO PARDO, Ramon.  2018.  Moon’s Eurasia: opening up North Korea, serving Seoul’s interests, The Interpreter, 18 December 2018. Link.
  • PACHECO PARDO, Ramon.  2019.  Seoul dips its toe in the Indo-Pacific, East Asia Forum, 4 January 2019. Link.

Please see the International Security Publications page for an overview of our publications [under construction].

Cluster members in the news

  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo was featured on ABC Radio, NK News and Reuters in relation to the disappearance of the North Korean ambassador to Italy.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo commented on South Korea’s public diplomacy in the Korea Times, Bloomberg, and South China Morning Post.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo discussed sanctions and investment opportunities on TBS, MBC News and Hankyoreh.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo was mentioned in War on the Rocks in a discussion on North Korean progress towards denuclearization in 2018.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo commented on the role of the EU in the dialogue with Pyongyang in La Vanguardia.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo commented on China at the G20 Summit in Sky News and on China’s moon landing on the BBC.
  • Maaike Verbruggen was mentioned in the Economist in the context of her work on autonomous weapon systems.

Please see the International Security News page for an overview of our media engagements.

Latest International Security Events

27 February 2019 EL-CSID Final Conference Conference
22 February 2019 The Drone Age: Issues, actors, and perspectives Conference  
22 February 2019 Northeast Asia’s Security Environment: Focus on the Rule of Law and Regional Order Seminar
23 January 2019 Where do we stand in inter-Korean relations and with North Korea? Breakfast roundtable
11 January 2019 Great Power Competition is in the Eye of the Beholder Closed-door debate

Please see the International Security Events page for an overview of our events.

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