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Researchers that are part of the International Security cluster operate at the crossroads of geopolitical analysis, strategic studies and European studies. In keeping with an increasingly turbulent international landscape, cluster researchers analyse the on-going re-ordering of the European political architecture and how it relates to the wider world. In doing so, they pay particular attention to geopolitical competition between Russia and the West, instability in the broader Middle East, the rise of Asia and its implications for Europe and the transatlantic relationship, the changing face of international diplomacy and the exigencies of modern warfare.

The cluster is led by Prof Dr Luis Simon and Prof Dr Alexander Mattelaer. It offers a home to various projects, such as the EL-CSID project led by Prof Dr Luk Van Langenhove and Dr Richard Higgott, and Marie Curie Fellows (Dr Jan Völkel and Dr Chantal Lavallée). The research team also features a number of PhD researchers (Linde Desmaele, Daniel Fiott, Stephan Klose, Antonios Nestoras, Elie Perot) and associated researchers (Dr. Isabelle Ioannides, Dr. Joanna KaminskaProf. Dr. Joachim Koops, Dr. Anna K. StahlDr. Dominik Tolksdorf).

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