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The International Security Cluster

Researchers that are part of the International Security (IS) cluster operate at the crossroads of geopolitical analysis, strategic studies and European studies. In keeping with an increasingly turbulent international landscape, cluster researchers analyse the on-going re-ordering of the European political architecture and how it relates to the wider world. In doing so, they pay particular attention to geopolitical competition between Russia and the West, instability in the broader Middle East, the rise of Asia and its implications for Europe and the transatlantic relationship, the changing face of international diplomacy and the exigencies of modern warfare.

The cluster is led by Prof Dr Luis Simon and Prof Dr Alexander Mattelaer. It offers a home to various projects, such as the Korea Foundation-VUB Korea Chair chaired by Dr. Ramon Pachecho Pardo; and the EL-CSID project led by Prof Dr Luk Van Langenhove and Dr Richard Higgott and assisted by Elke Boers. Additionally, it includes Prof Dr Joachim Koops and Dr. Tongfi Kim of Vesalius College; and Marie Curie Fellows Dr Jan Völkel and Dr Chantal Lavallée. The research team also features one visiting professor of diplomacy, Ambassador Johan Verbeke. Furthermore, the cluster includes a number of PhD researchers (Linde DesmaeleStephan KloseAntonios Nestoras, Elie Perot and Maaike Verbruggen), guest researchers (Antonio Calcara), and associated researchers (Dr. Anna K. Stahl).

Latest publications

  • KIM, Tongfi.  2018a.  Sino-American Competition as Security Suppliers in the Asia-Pacific, in Stefan Fröhlich and Howard Loewen (eds.) The Changing East Asian Security Landscape: Challenges, Actors and Governance, Wiesbaden: Springer, pp.39–59. Link.
  • KIM, Tongfi.  2018b.  U.S. Rebalancing Strategy and Disputes in the South China Sea: A Legacy for America’s Pacific Century, in Anders Corr (ed.) Great powers, grand strategies: the new game in the South China Sea, Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, pp.174–98. Link.
  • KLOSE, Stephan, PEPERMANS, Astrid & WANG, Leia.  2017.  An uphill struggle? Towards coordinated EU engagement with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Egmont Institute, European Policy Brief, No. 48, November 2017. Link
  • LAVALLÉE, Chantal, KAUNERT, Christian & LÉONARD, Sarah.  2018.  Counter-terrorism cooperation and the European Neighbourhood Policy, in Tobias Schumacher, Andreas Marchetti, and Thomas Demmelhuber (eds.) The Routledge handbook on the European neighbourhood policy, Abingdon: Routledge. Link.
  • SIMÓN, Luis, SPECK, Ulrich, MATTELAER, Alexander, ROGERS, James & EKMAN, Alice.  2017.  Europe in 2030: Four alternative futures, Elcano, Elcano Policy Paper, December 2017. Link.
  • BOULANIN, Vincent & VERBRUGGEN, Maaike.  2017a.  Article 36 reviews: Dealing with the challenges posed by emerging technologies, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Conference report, December 2017. Link.
  • BOULANIN, Vincent & VERBRUGGEN, Maaike.  2017b.  SIPRI compendium on Article 36 reviews, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI Background Paper, December 2017. Link.
  • VÖLKEL, Jan.  2017.  “Parteien in Nordafrika: Als Politikgestalter weder gewollt noch gebraucht,” in Sigrid Faath (ed.) Politische Parteien in Nordafrika: ideologische Vielfalt, Aktivitäten, Einfluss, Sankt Augustin: Konrad Adenauer Foundation, pp.79–102. Link.

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Cluster members in the news

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Latest International Security Events

18 January 2018 EU policies towards Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey in the light of the Mediterranean migration crisis. Reflections on cooperation and institutional practices – and research strategies: Guest lecture by Dr. Peter Seeberg Guest lecture
6-10 December 2017 The EU and the Arab World: Current Challenges for Cooperation International Conference
6 December 2017 The State, The Firm And Europe: Disentangling The Politics Of The European Defence Technological And Industrial Base PhD Defence
28 November 2017 Japan-EU cooperation in the era of international order transformation: In search of a stable word system 20th EU-Japan Conference
21 November - 5 December 2017 Evening lecture series on international diplomacy with Ambassador Johan Verbeke Guest lecture series

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