EDGE Roundtable on Methods: Recruitment and selection of participants

17 May 2016 12:00
17 May 2016 14:00
Research Colloquium Speaker: 
Claire Dupont


  • Kris Deschouwer (survey research)
  • Ilke Adam (focus group research)
  • Didier Caluwaerts (experimental research)
  • Eline Severs (elite interviews)


  • Claire Dupont

Topic: This roundtable zooms in on methodological questions related to the recruitment and selection of participants for scientific research. We will discuss, clarify and compare the implications for participant recruitment and selection for a broad set of methods, such as: survey research, focus group research, experimental research and elite interviews. We all raise very different research questions and adopt varying methods for answering these questions. However, we are all confronted with the fact that how we recruit and select research participants has an important impact on the quality of our research. This roundtable will reflect on the quality criteria for different methods and their implications for best practices in terms of participant recruitment and selection. The roundtable will also elaborate on the implications of low response rates and ways for dealing with the over-representation and under-representation of particular participant profiles.