climate diplomacy project

The international climate negotiations are about to enter their final stage for the development of an international agreement to be adopted at the 2015 climate conference in Paris. In this context, diplomatic outreach to other parties involved in the negotiations is of paramount importance for the EU in its attempt to influence the eventual outcome. Climate diplomacy affects a number of strategic topics in the field of foreign policies and has therefore become a strategic issue of high relevance. The IES, together with its partners Adelphi and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) supports DG Climate Action of the European Commission in the conceptualization of EU climate diplomacy narratives and partner country profiles. The project aims at contributing to the creation of the necessary political momentum for global climate action and partner countries’ move towards low-carbon and more climate-resilient societies.

More specifically, the project has two objectives: The first is to develop climate policy messages tailored to different regions and country groups. For example, while some countries might be more interested in opportunities for green growth, other might focus on questions of climate-resilient development and livelihood security. These messages will be based on established EU climate policy lines and build on the 2013 reflection paper "EU climate diplomacy for 2015 and beyond" prepared by the European Commission and the European External Action Service. The second objective is to provide information on domestic climate policy developments in partner countries in order to better address their need and priorities.