IES in the Media

Chantal Lavallée : EU, founded as project of peace, plans military future
30 August 2018 in: Politico
Alexander Mattelaer : Ministry of Defence interested in robot project
28 August 2018 in: The Brussels Time
Karel De Gucht : How likely is a no-deal Brexit?
24 August 2018 in: BBC Radio 4 - Today
Ramon Pacheco Pardo : Asian newspaper review
22 June 2018 in: The Monocle Daily
Ramon Pacheco Pardo : Unlike the US, Asia gets Kim Jong Un
22 June 2018 in: The Straits Times
Florian Trauner : Hat Herr Seehofer zu Ende gedacht?
21 June 2018 in: Der Standard
Leo Van Hove : Waar mag je nog cash betalen?
20 June 2018 in: Plus Magazine (Knack)
Ramon Pacheco Pardo : Europe could lose out in North Korean bonanza
13 June 2018 in: Euobserver
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