Sustainable Aviation Fuel Policies: Perspectives from third countries

27 Sep 2017 12:00
27 Sep 2017 14:00

Venue: Institute for European Studies, Pleinlaan 5, 1050 Brussels (Rome room, floor -1)


Presentations available for download.

Continuing its series of policy forums, the IES brings together a set of stakeholders to explore policy developments in the sustainable aviation fuels sector – this time outside the EU. Over the past years, several countries such as the United States, Brazil and Indonesia have been active in operating initiatives aimed at promoting the development and use biofuels in aviation. They have established production regulations, quality and sustainability certification, financial incentives, funding packages and other measures. How do these initiatives and policies function in practice and how will they develop in the future? What possibilities for collaboration and mutual learning do they offer with regard to the EU’s own policies? Moreover, promoting mutual recognition and trade between these actors appears essential in guaranteeing market uptake of sustainable aviation fuels and driving down costs. What are currently the main perceived obstacles to achieving this?


  • Ana Paula Machado, General Coordinator of International Air Services at Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation Brazil
  • Maria Dipasquantonio, Senior Representative to the European Union, Federal Aviation Administration, United States
  • César Velarde, Senior Aviation and Environment System Expert, ICAO TCB. Indonesia Ministry of Transport
  • Wendy Aritenang, Senior National Expert on Aviation Environment, ICAO TCB. Indonesia Ministry of Transport


  • Henrik Littorin, Senior Analyst Corporate Strategy and Sustainability Affairs, Swedavia
  • Philippe Marchand, Refining & Chemicals, Strategy-Development-Research/Biotechnology, TOTAL
  • Oskar Meijerink, Business Development,  SkyNRG
  • Leigh Hudson, Sustainable Fuels and Carbon Manager, International Airlines Group
  • Freya Burton, Chief Sustainability and People Officer, LanzaTech
  • Fréderic Eychenne, Sustainable Aviation Engagement Programme Manager, Airbus
  • Bernd Kuepker, Policy Officer, DG ENER,  European Commission
  • Laura Buffet, Clean fuels Manager, Transport and Environment

Organisation and moderation

  • Jean Monnet Chair Harri Kalimo


As the European Parliament is debating amendments to the Renewable Energy Directive, the IES is offering fresh perspectives on the discussion by reflecting on recent developments from outside the EU. Join us for this lunchtime policy forum on 27 September 2017 where perspectives from third countries will be discussed with European stakeholders including policy makers, industry professionals and the civil society. The event starts with a brief networking lunch.

This event is organised in collaboration with Airbus.




Maria Dipasquantonio - FAA AJF BioFuels presentation[1].pdf3.21 MB
Pedro Scorza - Brazil Sustainable Aviation Fuels[1].pdf2.15 MB
Cesar Velarde & Wendy Aritenang - Indonesia Policy Visions[1].pdf2.64 MB