Sustainable Advanced Fuels in Emission Reduction for Aviation: what are EU policy options?

19 Oct 2016 12:00
19 Oct 2016 14:00

First generation biofuels as an alternative source of energy for the transport sector have been a controversial issue in the European Union over the past years. Yet, for the rapidly growing aviation sector, which still relies exclusively on liquid fuels, there is no other safe and certified substitute. The sector needs both supply security as well as a drastic reduction of CO2 emissions in a foreseeable timeframe. If produced sustainably, biomass-based drop-in advanced alternative jet fuels have the potential of cutting emissions by up to 80% on lifecycle basis when compared to fossil-based ones. As a result, along with measures such as increased aircraft and ground operations efficiency, Sustainable Advanced Fuels for aviation constitute a key element in the aviation industry’s push to reduce its carbon footprint. However, despite technological readiness, the aviation Sustainable Advanced Fuels  market is still in its infancy. It requires strong signals from policy makers and legislators to secure the necessary investments. But which policy options are best suited to effectively formulate such signals?

This Policy Forum offers the opportunity to debate and explore various aspects related to the development and market uptake of Sustainable Advanced Fuels for aviation with EU policy makers and industry professionals. It is the first in a series of three, and will provide broad background on the potential of Sustainable Advanced Fuels for emissions reduction in the aviation sector. The second and third in the series will focus on specific issues related to feedstock and to support policies.


  • Peter Vis, Advisor on decarbonisation of transport, European Commission
  • Thierry Nowaczyk, EU Environmental Affairs Director, Airbus Group
  • Sini Eräjää, Policy Officer on EU Bioenergy, European Environmental Bureau, BirdLife Europe
  • Filip Sedefov, Researcher, Institute for European Studies – VUB (moderator)
  • Jean Monnet Chair Harri Kalimo, coordination and welcome


Karel Van Miert Building
Conference Rooms Rome 
Pleinlaan 5
1050 Brussels


Filip Sedefov (Academic Coordinator)
Institute for European Studies

Anamaria Bacsin (Logistics)
IES Events
+32 2 614 80 40
Institute for European Studies

This event is organised in collaboration with Airbus Group.

“This Policy Forum is (co-)organized under the auspices of the EACEA Jean Monnet Chair of Professor Kalimo (rECOncile, Grant nr. 575718-EPP- 1- 2016- 1-BE-EPPJMO-CHAIR)”.