How does the LULUCF Regulation affect EU Member States’ forest management?

03 / 2019
Seita Romppanen
  • The new EU land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) Regulation takes a novel approach to emissions accounting, giving EU Member States discretion in sustainable forest management.
  • The Forest Reference Levels (FRLs) in the National Forestry Accounting Plans required by the Regulation need to be in line with other requirements of the Regulation, including the critical requirement to maintain or strengthen long-term carbon sinks.
  • The FRL does not constrain national sustainable forest management in qualitative or quantitative terms but ensures that the climate impacts of the decisions made are accounted for in a transparent and reliable manner.
  • The Regulation’s environmental integrity is tied to the Paris Agreement’s long-term goals and ambition mechanism, making the Regulation a dynamic forward-looking instrument that is open for review, and revision.