Building better multistakeholderism: GIPO's role in promoting debates on internet governance

Catalina Capatina
Katarzyna Jakimowicz

The Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO), an initiative of the European Commission, is an online tool to help monitor developments on Internet policy around the world and provide better understanding and access to the largest number of potential stakeholders. Governments, NGOs and others interested in Internet Governance, including Internet users, are often daunted by the complexity of this fast-paced policy area.

Thanks to the use of advanced IT technologies, GIPO provides a practical tool to navigate this eld, increasing expertise and understanding among many more interested actors. Tool which helps governments, NGOs and those interested in Internet Governance to navigate the labyrinth of global Internet Policy. This policy brief outlines the results of a meeting held on the fringes of EuroDIG in Brussels in 2016, and presents some of the challenges and opportunities for such an experiment in ‘machine-driven information monitoring’ on a given topic of global importance. It provides recommendations for the future development of the tool, and continues the debate launched by the GIPO project’s Federation Roadmap, to help the tool maximize its impact in this complex policy environment.