Trump and the Practice of American Power - A Conversation with Ryan Evans

19 Jun 2017 17:30
19 Jun 2017 19:00

Since his arrival in the White House, President Donald Trump has sent contradictory messages on foreign policy. From his transactional and sometimes combative approach with close allies, to his unconventional fixation with certain kinds of terrorism, to his ambiguous attitude towards Russia and China, Trump’s young presidency has roiled close observers of American foreign and defense policies.

Is Trump spontaneously unpredictable or calculatedly so? Is there still a place for sound strategic analysis and – if there is – is there anyone listening in this administration? How will Trump shape U.S. counter-terrorism, great power competition, alliances, and international trade?

Many of the answers given thus far to these questions have been highly unsatisfactory. The conventional wisdom seems to shift with every new presidential tweet. If anyone hopes to influence or even understand what is happening in Washington and its most strategically relevant real estate – the six or seven inches between the American president’s ears – it is time to return to first principles and take a hard look at the tools we use to understand and engage with geopolitics.

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Luis Simón, Research Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Director of the Brussels Office of the Elcano Royal Institute

Speaker: Ryan Evans, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of War on the Rocks

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Venue: Institute for European Studies, 1050 Brussels, Conference room Rome & Lisbon.