Geopolitics in Europe's Neighbourhood - Masterclasses Middle East

28 Feb 2019 19:30
19 May 2019 21:00

Co-production: TIMEP Europe
Partners: VUB-IES Institute for European Studies, Omnes

The Middle East is in turmoil. We see civil wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and cold wars between Turkey and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran. ISIS is defeated militarily but the ideology is far from dead. Even though all this is happening in Europe's neighbourhood, it is not easy to understand what exactly is going on and where the origins of the conflicts lie. In this series of unique Middle East Masterclasses, acknowledged experts on the region will explain the geopolitics of the region, what is happening below the surface and what we can expect for the future.

In this connection BOZAR is inviting socially committed cartoonists to provide a commentary on this series of Middle East Masterclasses. Humour – dark, sarcastic, candid or disarming - fortunately often proves cathartic. Cartoons often succeed in capturing in a single image (and a few words) the essence of a debate. It is a genre that lies on the borders of art, journalism, politics and activism.

Ongoing and forthcoming lectures