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Issue 27, Januari - April 2009


  • Meet Dr. Koen Van den Bossche,
  • Seniors Corner,
  •    Oberthür in Bamberg
       Lewis in Lisbon
       Kalimo in Lund
       GARNET LES network
  • PILC and Euromaster News,
  •    PILC Alumni becomes Minister
       PILC visit to the ECJ
       Short stories
  • Lecture Series Climate Change,
  • Lecture Series EU Asia,
  • IES Publications,
  •    New IES Book by I. Tanasescu
       ISS Paper by Eva Gross
  • Researchers on the move,
  • IES at the ISA conference,
  • New faces at the IES,
  • Commissioner Ashton @ IES,
  • Calendar of Events,