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The Environment and Sustainable Development cluster conducts high quality and policy-relevant research and provides education and academic services in the selected focus areas of work mentioned below (a wide range of environmental topics), combining in particular political science and law.

The cluster covers a wide range of topics with particular emphasis on climate change, energy, maritime and marine issues, forestry, biodiversity and trade and the environment (aviation, biofuels). In doing so, it analyses relevant developments in EU and international law and relations, compares relevant national law and policy in the EU and beyond, and explores governance arrangements and institutions.

The Environment and Sustainable Development cluster organises among others IES Policy Forums that bring together academics and policy-makers (which are open to the public).


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Research Team


Senior Researchers
Research Interests
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Oberthür ► International climate change politics; private actors in climate politics; political strategies of business actors; global environmental governance EU climate/environmental policy; international climate/environmental governance; the EU in international institutions; multilateral environmental agreements; environmental/climate policy integration
Prof. Dr. Harri Kalimo ► The Circular economy; environment and trade; EU environmental law; biofuels; WEEE; Extended Producer Responsibility
 ► Dr. Carlos Soria Rodriguez ► Public international law; EU law; international/EU environmental law & policy; law of the sea; biodiversity and marine environment protection; marine/environmental governance; marine renewable energy
 Dr. Ingmar von Homeyer ► European integration; environmental, climate and energy policy; democracy beyond the nation-state; EU governance and policy; institutional theory; political economy; cleavage theory


Research Interests
Ólöf Söebech ► Sustainable lifestyles; citizen participation; environmental policy; biofuels


Junior (Doctoral) Researchers 
Research Interests
► Matilda Axelson ► Industrial decarbonisation; Sustainable solutions in the energy intensive industries; Low-carbon technologies; Business model innovation; Circular economy; Resource efficiency
Laura Iozzelli ► Global environmental governance; private actors in international climate politics; transnational climate initiatives; EU/international climate policy
Max Jansson     ► EU and US trade law; competition law; WTO; renewable energy law; biofuels
Gauri Khandekar ► Innovation and climate & energy policy, International climate governance; global environmental governance, EU climate/environmental policy; Indian climate and energy policy, decarbonisation, sustainable urban transformation.
Tomas Wyns ► EU 2030 climate policy framework; bridging EU industrial competitiveness, innovation and climate & energy policy; Chinese climate policy (emissions trading); international climate policy (incl. development 2015 UNFCCC climate agreement)
Jana Gheuens ► Democratic myopia and climate and energy governance in EU institutions
Marco Giuli ► EU energy and climate policies, energy security, international political economy of energy, climate policy integration
Aslak Veierud Busch ► Goal achievement of EU Arctic policies; Circumpolar politics; EU-Arctic relations; IR and political theory; political geography


Research Interests
Dr. Florian Rabitz ► Global environmental governance; North-South relations; multilateralism; IR theory; meta-theory
Dr. Ioannis Spyridakis ► Principal-Agent theory; international negotiations; EU energy policy; EU trade policy


Associate Researchers
Research Interests
Dr. Katja Biedenkopf ► External effects of EU environmental policy; global environmental governance; policy diffusion; chemicals regulation; transatlantic relations; climate policy
► Dr. Claire Dupont ► EU climate policy; energy policy; policy integration; decarbonisation
Dr. Armelle Gouritin ► Environmental/ecological law; environmental rights; environmental damage/harm; environmental liability; environmental justice; human rights
Dr. Lisanne Groen    ► EU/international climate policy; EU/international biodiversity policy; global environmental politics; EU external relations; EU in international institutions; EU performance/effectiveness; low-carbon technology transfer policy
Dr. Kati Kulovesi ► relationship between WTO law and international environmental law; WTO dispute settlement; WTO and trade in natural resources; carbon markets and emissions trading; UN climate change negotiations; international and European climate law and policy; and the role of climate change and environment in the EU external relations
► Dr. Justyna Pozarowska ► Genetic resources; access and benefit-sharing (ABS); biodiversity; international institutions; institutional interactions and complexes; innovations; public procurement
Dr. Radostina Primova ► EU law and EU policy-making; EU internal energy market; international relations; energy geopolitics; renewable energy & sustainable development; EU-China energy relations; stakeholder participation in enlarged Europe
Dr. Koen Van den Bossche ► International public law; international law of the sea; international environmental law; European law; European environmental law; European fisheries law/policy; European maritime law/policy; marine pollution



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Current projects

Project Researcher
GOVTRAN, Jean Monnet Network on Governing the EU’s Climate and Energy Transition in Turbulent Times Sebastian Oberthür, Ingmar von Homeyer, Ólöf Söebech
COP21: Results, Implications, Pathways and Policies for Low-Emissions European Societies (COP21-RIPPLES) Sebastian Oberthür (and others)
Producer Responsibility Related Issues Harri Kalimo
Economic Renewable Energy Law - Balancing economic and non-economic values in the EU and US (PhD) Max Jansson
UNFCCC and REDD+ (PhD) Ernesto Roessing Neto
Evaluating Democratic Governance in Europe Claire Dupont
BFSJ, Legal and Policy Framework for Aviation Biofuels (FP7) (with EEG cluster) Harri Kalimo, Filip Sedefov, Ólöf Söebech, Eleanor Mateo, Byron Maniatis
Ecoherence, Reconciling Economic and Non-Economic Values in a Multi-Polar Society (in collaboration with the University of Turku and EEG cluster) Harri Kalimo, Claire Dupont, Max Jansson and others
Research network on "Fragmentation and Complexity in Global Governance" (FCGG) Sebastian Oberthür (and others)
EU Energy Governance Tomas Wyns, Sebastian Oberthür (and others)
SOURCE Virtual centre of excellence for research support and coordination on societal security (FP7) Ólöf Söebech, Irina Van Der Vet, Florian Lang
Climate change and low carbon innovation (PhD) Gauri Khandekar
Regulating Climate Change: Assessing and Explaining the Legitimacy of Transnational Regulatory Climate Initiatives Laura Iozzelli
‘Energy security and climate policy integration in the EU's external energy policy’ (PhD) Marco Giuli


Previous projects

Project Researcher
The international and European environmental regulation of marine renewable energies in the EU (PhD) Carlos Soria Rodríguez

Understanding the Changing Effectiveness of the European Union inInternational Biodiversity and Climate Change Governance (PhD)

Lisanne Groen
Freedom of navigation in the Exclusive Economic Zone: EU approach (PhD) Thuy Van Tran
EU Environmental Liability Schemes (PhD) Armelle Gouritin
Assessing the potential of various instruments for sustainable consumption practices and greening the market (FP6) Katja Biedenkopf,
Harri Kalimo & Ólöf Söebech
Redefining the Common European Fisheries Policy (PhD) Koen Van den Bossche
Policy Recycling? The External Effects of European Union Environmental Policy on the United States (PhD) Katja Biedenkopf
Navigation in the Arctic (PhD) Laura Boone
CORPUS Knowledge Brokerage in Sustainable Consumption and Productions (FP7) (with EEG cluster) Harri Kalimo, Ólöf Söebech & Alexander Daniell
Climate Policy Integration in the EU (PhD) Claire Dupont
Assessing political and social accountability in EU policy-making. A case study on the multi-level coordination of the EU energy market policy (PhD) Radostina Primova
Co-ordination and accountability of the EU in international politics (PhD) Ioannis Spyridakis
Coping with institutional complexity: the European Union's external policy on genetic resources (PhD) Florian Rabitz
Governance through Regulatory Complexes: The International and European Management of Genetic Resources (PhD)  Justyna Pozarowska
High Level Training on EU Environment Law and the Internal Market, DG ENTR, European Commission (with EEG cluster) Harri Kalimo
Supporting the Development of EU Climate Diplomacy Narratives  Sebastian Oberthür, Katja Biedenkopf, Claire Dupont, Tomas Wyns, Ernesto Roessing Neto and others
Agreement on Climate Transformation 2015 (ACT 2015) Sebastian Oberthür, Tomas Wyns and others

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