Middle East Masterclasses 2019

After delivering the successful 2018 Masterclass on the Middle East: Geopolitics in Europe’s Neighbourhood, the Institute for European Studies and the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy Europe teamed up once again, between February and May 2019, for another exceptional five-part Middle East Masterclass on the geopolitics of the region. The lectures took place at the prestigious BOZAR in the centre of Brussels and included contentious topics such as ‘Atheism and freedom of belief in the Middle East’ by Brian Whitaker, ‘the Next War in the Middle East’ by Koert Debeuf, ‘The trifecta of misogyny: state, street, home’ by Mona Eltahawy and ‘The Israel-Palestine peace process’ by Lara Friedman. It concluded with a lecture on ‘Saudi Arabia’s role in the Middle East’ by Oz Hassan of IES’ close partner Warwick University (Politics and International Studies department). Each lecture was accompanied by live drawings of socially committed cartoonists, that aimed to capture the essence of the debate. As part of the Institute’s sustained efforts to facilitate access to high-level debates about the EU in an international context and engage with its global audience, and with support from the EU’s Jean Monnet programme, all lectures are made freely available online as video podcasts: