IES PhD researcher Elie Perot publishes 3 articles in prestigious journals

No less than three publications were recently published by our researcher Elie Perot. In the article published in the policy journal Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, Elie argues that the obscuring of the distinction between war and peace is not a distinctive feature of contemporary times, nor simply a conceptual conundrum. Rather, it is a systemic and strategic response to the persistent fear of a general war at the international level, a factor of crucial importance in the perspective of the growing antagonism characterizing US-China relations. In his second publication, “The art of commitments: NATO, the EU, and the interplay between law and politics within Europe’s collective defence architecture” (European Security journal), he compares the respective features of the NATO and EU treaties’ clauses which include a commitment to collective defence between their respective members. From a policy point of view, the most important lesson from this article is that, quite contrary to common wisdom, collective defence should not be apprehended as a uniform task in #Europe, falling within the exclusive remit of either NATO or the EU . Finally, in his Policy brief published by the Egmont Institute, the author puts into perspective the specificities of the bilateral mutual defence clause that has been inserted in the new Franco-Germany treaty.