Prof Meyer presents AI disinformation study in Strasbourg

Trisha Meyer (Assistant Professor at Vesalius College and Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for European Studies) recently concluded a study on the use of artificial intelligence to combat disinformation online. The study was commissioned by the European Parliament’s STOA (Future of Science and Technology) panel and focuses on the consequences of automated content moderation for freedom of expression and media pluralism. On 13 December 2018, she presented the study with her co-author Chris Marsden (Professor of Internet Law at the University of Sussex) in Strasbourg. Professors Marsden and Meyer warn against technocentric optimism as a solution to disinformation online, that proposes use of automated detection, (de)prioritisation, blocking and removal by online intermediaries without human intervention. When artificial intelligence is used, independent, transparent and effective appeal and oversight mechanisms are necessary in order to minimise inevitable inaccuracies. The full web stream of the event is available here.