New IES report develops the EU’s Energy Intensive Industries’ contribution to the EU Commission’s Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions

Authors: Tomas Wyns, Gauri Khandekar, Isobel Robson

The “Industrial Value Chain: A Bridge towards a Carbon Neutral Europe” report was conducted by the Institute for European Studies (IES-VUB) on the behalf of the EU’s Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) to the EU Commission’s Strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The report identifies common opportunities and challenges faced by European EIIs in meeting ambitious climate targets, highlights the constructive and solutions-oriented role that the EIIs have been playing, determines a combination of key solutions that will help EIIs to significantly reduce their emissions, as well as addresses the necessary conditions for ensuring that Europe is at the forefront of the energy and industrial transformation. The report outlines a new and integrated EU industrial strategy for EIIs as part of a competitive low-CO2 transition, and underscores that an EU strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emission reductions will only be successful if it fully embeds an industrial strategy. 



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