(Dis)locating EUrope: Conflicts, challenges and changes

28 Oct 2016 09:00
29 Oct 2016 17:00

(Dis)locating EUrope: Conflicts, challenges and changes is the theme of the 4th European Sociological Association (Research Network 32 Political Sociology)  Mid Term conference at the Institute for European Studies on 28-29 October 2016. Universities from around Brussels are hosting the event which brings together some 150 international political sociologists.  The opening panel’s theme is  ‘Europe’s handling of the refugee issue: beyond the ‘crisis’ modus’. The main Plenary will be held at the Palace of the Academies with Professor Christian Joppke speaking on  ‘The Death of multiculturalism: On Islam and integration in Europe’. The panel sessions are organized around four sets of topics treating conflicts, challenges and changes to European transnationalizing or re-nationalizing societies. Resistances and Backlashes brings together research on populism and social backlash, new parties and power balances, nationalism, mobilizations, and anti-politics. Migration and mobilities treats resilience and change of migration, mobility and integration policies.  Civil Society and democracy looks at where and who decides and the changes in European decision-making, governance and relations to society. Diversity, equality and identity focuses on issues relating to citizenship and multiple identities, the intersections of class, gender, sexuality, age, religion, race, or disability, religion and secularism in Europe. For more information and the draft program see http://www.esa-rn32.eu/

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