IES is proud to present its Newsletter - primarily issued to IES researchers and staff, Board members (IES-board, cross-faculty board and scientific board), and to selected individuals who have shown an interest in our activities. The aim of this Newsletter is to keep all IES-collaborators and the interested public informed about the activities that are going on. Although the Newsletter will mainly be created by the IES directorship and secretariat, we gladly welcome other contributions.

Should you wish to contribute to this publication, please write to Articles that may be of use for the IES community will gladly be published in our next issue.

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Newsletter 35 Issue 35: July - September 2011

Content:Successful PhD for Dr. Sigrid Winkler - Joachim Koops and Peace Building - Eva Gross on Afghanistan - Luis Simon on India - Cluster report on UACES conference - ABS Governance Conference in Norway - IES Lecture Series: Making Malmö Real: EGovernment In The EU - ECPR Conference in Reykjavik - 8th Summer School on the European Decision Making Process - EDU Team launches Wednesday Webinars - Cem Tintin on the move
Newsletter 36 Issue 36: October - December 2011

Content:PhD Defence Ben Van Rompuy - Profile: Marie Lamensch - Policy Forum: Transatlantic cooperation on accessing raw materials - Corpus: events kick off in Helsinki - EUISS Washington, DC - Nato’s role in conflict prevention? - IES online modules and summer school accredited - Interactive Computer - Bridging the Gap: Teaching the EU in schools - Policy Forum: the European modules on migrant integration: an added value for the Member States? - Workshop European Integration and consensus politics in the Low Countries - Annual European Economics Association meeting in Oslo - Book launch: “On the road to EU Membership” with keynote by Turkey’s Minister for the EU
Issue 33, January - April 2011

Content: IES moves to Karel Van Miert Building - Nudges and other innovative ways to make consumption greener - CORPUS project - IES Academic Director - EFSP on the move - EFSP external collaboration and expert presentations - EFSP in the media - Short Stories - Migration & Diversity - Policy Forum - Ilke in Brazil - Grants - European Economics - Information Society - E-learning & Training - EUSA Conference Boston - Hendrix students in Brussels - EU in Close-up - IES Publications - ISA Montreal 2011 - IES Activities - Policy Forum - IES Spring Lecture Series - New faces at the IES - IES Calendar of Events
Issue 34, April-June 2011

Content: Three new PhDs - Environment & Sustainable Development - Corpus: Sustainable Food & Mobility - European Economics - USC Summer School - EATS Conference in Ljubljana - Grants - Activities - Wednesday Webinars - Meet the Presidency: Hungary - Environmental Policy Forum - Information Society Conference - Policy Fora - IES Publications - New Faces at the IES - IES in the Media
Issue 31, January - June 2010

Content: Karen Donders, PhD - Richard in Arizona & Israel - CORPUS Project -  Dr. Céline Francis -  New Faces @ IES - 3rd USC Summer Programme - Hendrix students - CARE workshop - EU in International Affairs Conference - EU Climate Policies - Working Papers - EuroCPR, Katja in the States - Greening the IES - The Kiev Protocol - Culture and Migration, -EUFOR/Chad/RCA - Hongyu in Prague - E-Learning in Brazil - Training Wallonia - Upcoming activities
Issue 32 July - December 2010

Content:Successful Audit IES goes Podcast Senior Research Fellows Corner - Award for IES Academic Dir. - Eva Gross at John Hopkins - Strategic Away Days - Metropolis 2010 - Richard Lewis on AlJazeera - New Senior Research Fellow IES Policy Fora - Energy Security - The Roma in Europe - Environmental Policy Fora IES Spring Lecture Series International Relations - CORPUS Workshop - LL.M. Students to Luxemburg - IES in COST Action IES Researchers - Neepa in New Orleans - E-learning in Portugal - Justyna in Montreal and Japan IES Publications - Working Papers - Articles Lecture Series EU2020 Hendrix Study Abroad New IES Board Member

Issue 29, July - September 2009

Content: New Lecture Series, Senior Research Fellow Corner: 6th Summer School - New SRF European Economics - Metropolis Conference 2009, PILC and Euromaster News: PILC and EM graduation, Short stories, IES Publications and events: New book on media relations - Publications by IES staff, Greening the IES, IES Training activities, News from the IES researchers: ECPR conference in Potsdam - Researchers @ summer school - Teaching Military Erasmus - EU-China conference - Climate change workshops, Calendar of Events.

Issue 30 October - December 2009

Content: Euromaster Quality Audit - Senior Research Fellow Corner - Eva GroB in Afghanistan - 12th EU-Japan Conference - Jamal at eGulf Conference - DGJLS is 10 years old - Eva on the move - IES awarded grant - Harri and Ben Antitrust Forum - Sebastian on the move - New articles by IES Staff - Short stories - EU in International Affairs - Lecture Series reports - IES Training Activities - News from the IES Researchers - Media Book Launch - Transformative Power - Justyna in Montreal - Austrians@ the IES - Online Climate Change - New faces at the IES - Calender of Events


Issue 28, April - June 2009

Content: New Publication, IES Hosts, Hendrix College, University of Southern California, PILC and Euromaster News, Euromaster visitation, Short stories, Activity Report 2008 available, Lecture Series EU Asia finishes, IES Environmental Policy Fora, IES Publications and events, Articles by IES staff, IES Media Workshop News from the IES researchers, Ben in the US, IES at the EUSA in LA, Public Service Media, Taiwan Studies Conference New faces at the IES, Calendar of Events

Issue 27, Januari - April 2009

Content: Meet Dr. Koen Van den Bossche, Seniors Corner, Oberthür in Bamberg, Lewis in Lisbon, Kalimo in Lund, GARNET LES network PILC and Euromaster News, PILC Alumni becomes Minister, PILC visit to the ECJ, Short stories, Lecture Series Climate Change, Lecture Series EU Asia, IES Publications, New IES Book by I. Tanasescu, ISS Paper by Eva Gross Researchers on the move, IES at the ISA conference, New faces at the IES, Commissioner Ashton @ IES, Calendar of Events


Issue 26, December 2008

Content: Lectures on Climate Change, Metropolis Conference in Bonn, Academic Writing, Oberthür @ The Centre, Harri Down Under, State visit to India, IES at the ECPR Conference in Riga, Lectures on Climate Change (cont.), New publications from our institute, IES lectures on NATO TV, New Publications from our Institute, IES/IEEP Policy Forum, SRF Eva Gross on the move, Alexander at ESDC, Summer School announcement, Calendar of Events

Issue 25, October 2008

Content: First IES PhD awarded, Eva Gross at EU-ISS, Richard Lewis in India, Sebastian Oberthür on Climate Change, 5th edition of the IES, Summer School, Ben on the move!, PILC graduation, Media lecture series end, IES lectures on NATO TV, New Publications from our Institute, IES obtains FWO project, ASCEE, IES member of Cost Action, Muslim integration in Brussels and Detroit, New faces at the IES, Vacancies, New lecture series on Climate Change, Calendar of Events

Newsletter, Issue 24

Issue 24 , May 2008

Content: The EU in International Affairs; New premises for the IES; Annual Report 2007; New Publication ; Annual Report 2007 approved; Senior's Corner: - Eva Gross at MGIMO - GMF Seminar in Detroit The EU in International Affairs (cont.); Spring Lecture Series on Media; Vacancies; New faces at the IES; Feature article: The future of EU Security and Defence Policies; Lectures on NATO; IES Researchers on the move! - Eva, Alexander and Mehmet at ISA - Bruno publishing - Gloria and SAFE; IES,PILC & Euromaster celebrate; European Week in Brugge; Calendar of Events

Newsletter, Issue 23

Issue 23 , February 2008

Content: New challenges for the IES; The EU in International Affairs; Senior's Corner: - Oberthür on Climate Change - Eva Gross on CFSP - Harri Kalimo and EPIGOV - Richard Lewis on Migration; The EU in International Affairs; Summer School advert; Lecture series on JHA end; Lecture series on Media start; Dialogue on Muslim Integration; IES Working Papers; Jim Hollifield on migration at IES; IES,PILC & Euromaster celebrate; IES and the College of Europe; Alexander at BISA; Graduation from HSSD; New faces @ the IES; Calendar of Events

Newsletter, Issue 22

Issue 22 , December 2007

Content: US Ambassador to NATO @ IES; Book: Politics beyond the State; Senior’s Corner; Eva Gross on EFSP; ASCEE project in Oslo; De Schutter in Bucharest; UACES conference in Portsmouth; It’s not one thing, it’s many; Summerschool announcement; Oberthür on Climate Change; New Publications; Lecture Series Reports; Research Corner; Media and Information at the IES; Mehmet at BISA conference; Ruben lecturing in schools; EU-China Forum; Executive Director in China; IES Policy Forum; New faces @ the IES; New spring lecture series; Calendar of events .

Newsletter, Issue 21

Issue 21 , September 2007

Content: New lecture series on EU justice and home affairs; 4th Inter-University Summer School; PILC year started; 35 years of PILC 3; SRF hosts EU-CPCM conference; New faces @ the IES; Feature article: The EU in Afghanistan; IES at EUSA Conference; Metropolis 2008; ASCEE Project in Oslo; IES Secretary leaving; Taiwan, Hong Kong and the WTO; Global Governance in Leiden; IES Team Building Day; Calendar of Events .

Newsletter, Issue 20

Issue 20 , June 2007

Content: The EU in International Affairs ; VUB Chair Gets Royal Attention ; Manfred Wörner Seminar ; EU - US - China Workshop ; Migration Debate ; Jean Monnet Lecture ; Lecture Series Come to an End ; Colloquium on Marine Issues ; Lewis on Devided Societies ; VUB-Renmin Collaboration ; IES Team in Chicago ; Lecture: 50 years Rome Treaties ; New Faces at the IES ; Calendar of Events .

Newsletter, Issue 19

Issue 19 , February 2007

Content: European Identity Lectures ; Lectures on WTO End ; PILC’s 35th Anniversary ; Migration Issues ; - European Migration Network ; - Migration Seminar in Florence ; - Migration & North-Rhein-Westfalia ; New faces at the IES ; IES and Turku ; Researchers in Florence ; Training DG Trade Officials ; The IES E-modules ; ... from Salzburg to Tampere ; The IES in European Consortia ; IES/IEEP Policy Fora ; Kyoto Compliance ; Calendar of Events

Newsletter, Issue 18

Issue 18, December 2006

Content: New IES Book on EFSP ; IES Strategic Plan 2006-2010 ; News From the Research Floor ; ICT in Villach ; UN Climate Change Conference ; Academic Address for Erasmus Mundus ; Security in a Globalized World ; Edward Lorenz Butterfly Effect ; Richard Lewis in Berkeley ; Pascual Correa Alvarez in Brno ; Garnet Conference ; Teaching Europe to young students ; New faces at the Institute ; The Rio Declaration and Cuba ; Lecture Series on EU and WTO ; PILC Alumni organisation revived

Newsletter, Issue 17

Issue 17, September 2006

Content: Lecture Series on EU and WTO; UACES ; Erasmus Mundus ; Lectures in Turku ; Chechnia and Abkhazia ; New faces at the Institute ; PILC Graduation ; E-learning Courses ; 3rd Summer School ; International Moot Court IES in Tbilisi ; E-cycling ; Multiculturalism Observed ; IES and Kyoto; Team Building Day

Newsletter, Issue 16

Issue 16, June 2006

Content: The IES Book Series, Introducing the IES books, IES, UN & Regional Organisations, Multiethnicity in the EU and the US, Activity Report approved, American exchange at the IES, Immigration & Security Conference, Richard Lewis in Liège, Academic Director on the move, Trouble in Paradise?, IES Research Colloquium, New faces at the Institute, E-competences, CMR Conference, The EU and Int’l Organisations

Newsletter, Issue 15

Issue 15, January 2006

Content: New Board & new government agreement, President re-elected, Aristide Zolberg on multiculturalism, Barbara Haskel on EMU, EURLex conference, Academic Director on the move, Visiting fellows at the IES, Complexity Theory and EU Foreign Policy, European Security Lectures come to an end, GARNET & EPIGOV

Newsletter, Issue 14

Issue 14, October 2005

Content: New Scientific Director, New premises for IES, New IES Book, New Lecture Series, Job Ad for Senior Research Fellow, Metropolis Conference, IES President chairs Erasmus, Summer School, IES hosts ICEE seminar, Intellectual Property Issues, IR and Complexity theory, IES Team-Building Day

Newsletter, Issue 13

Issue 13, May 2005

Content: Multiculturalism in the EU, New statutes for the IES, New lecture series on EU after 9/11, Calendar of Events, Collaboration with Tashkent, IES on Romania in Czech Centre, Summer School, Collaboration with Turkey, Marketing in the EU, New PILC professor, New researchers at the IES

Newsletter, Issue 12

Issue 12, March 2005

Content: E-learning at IES, Technology-enhanced learning day, Lecture series on Multiculturalism, Kyoto and environmental policies, IES and denial of citizenship, Marketing and Communication, Publications by IES researchers, Feature Article: Democratic Farce in Togo, Commission to Court, Migration talk at Wayne State University, IPP experts convene in Brussels

Newsletter, Issue 11

Issue 11, January 2005

Content: PILC Students visit Luxembourg, New lecture series on Migration, Sustainable Development Lecture Series come to an end, IES Fisheries Policy on tour, Brown Bag Lunches on Environmental Product Regulation, Does Product Regulation encounter Sustainable Innovation?, Online EDUCA conference, Commission on Int. Migration, Feature Article: The Conflict in Darfur, New secretary at the IES

Newsletter, Issue 10

Issue 10, November 2004

Content: Lecture Series: "The EU and Sustainable Development: Internal and External Dimensions", Focus on Research: "Regional Integration in Africa", Conference on Human Rights Protection in Africa, Belgium leads Europe in cleaning up electronic waste, News in brief, Feature Article: "Enlargement: Should Africa Bear the Cost?", IES welcomes new resea instruments and new developments. A European Reflection"

Newsletter, Issue 9

Issue 9, September 2004

Content: Summer School, Pittsburgh Conference, IES hosts Researcher, Jean Monnet Lectures, New book in IES Series, Lecture series on Sustainable Development, Metropolis Conference, IES News in Brief, Announcement for APILCA, Feature Article: "Participatory Democracy and Environmental Policy in the European Union and beyond", Conference Announcements: "Does the EU lead Europe on environmental policy?" and "Human Rights Protection in Africa: a new Court, new instruments and new developments. A European Reflection"

Newsletter, Issue 8

Issue 8, July 2004

Content: PILC Graduation 2004, UN Security Council Scrutinized, Convention Series End, IES in Canada, COMPAS Launch Conference, IES Hosts Chinese Researcher, IES News in Brief, IES Activity Report 2003, Commissioned Research, Saying Good-bye to Two Good Friends

Newsletter, Issue 7

Issue 7, March 2004

Content: European Convention Lectures, IES Book Announcement, Focus on Research "Globalisation, Solidarity and Taxation", IES Senior Research Fellows appointed, New researchers at the Institute, IES News in Brief , Feature Article: "The democratic dignity of a thin constitution", IES Summer School, IES goes exotic ... IES at European Study Fair, IRIS Conference Salzburg, Euro-Atlantic Dialogue Conference

Newsletter, Issue 6

Issue 6, December 2003

Content: European Security Final, Video-Conference with NATO, UNU Workshop on Climate policy, New PILC Director, Colloquium EU-WT0, Enhanced collaboration with UNU, IES and Bracko Karic University, Our researchers on the move, Lectures on the EU Convention, IES News in Brief

Newsletter, Issue 5

Issue 5, November 2003

Content: Lectures on European Security, Our researchers on the move: ALAI Congress Budapest and Environmental Law Salzburg, More office space for the IES, Symposium on European enlargement ad institutional reform, Colloquium announcement, IES News in Brief

Newsletter, Issue 4

Issue 4, June 2003

Content: From lecture series to MA programme, Lecture series on European Security, Focus on Research: Corruption in/and Business, Focus on Research: Educational Modules on European Law and European Institutions, IES News in Brief, (lecture series on) Globalisation coming to an end, International Conference explores needed changes in Aviation, Seminar on European Enlargement and Institutional Reform in Vienna, IES Publisher selected

Newsletter, Issue 3

Issue 3, April 2003

Content: Heavyweights in Globalisation, Focus on Research: EC Environmental Law, Research on Financing Terrorism, Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, Vienna-Brussels Co-operation, EU's CFSP after enlargement, Liberalisation of Electricity, New researcher starts at IES, Transatlantic Dialogue on Aviation, Calendar of Events

Newsletter, Issue 2

Issue 2, February 2003

Content: Successful Globalisation, Focus on Research: Limits to Access to Information, European Aspects of ISPs, IRIS Conference 2003, Cyber-crime in Trier, Cooperation with Vienna, Guest lecture by Amie Kreppel, HICSS conference, Two new researchers join IES, EU Studies and Beyond, Dr. Leigh on the EU and Cyprus, IES Papers published

Newsletter, Issue 1

Issue 1, December 2002

Content: About this first newsletter, 30 Years PILC, Globalisation Lectures, MA in Globalisation, IES and the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, IES Research revisited, THe EU a political midget?, New Board of Governors, Liberalized Electricity, IES and UNU-CRIS, EU Borders in Hull, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Euro-Intelligence, Time for Flowers ... or for a pipe.