Evaluating Democratic Governance in Europe – EDGE

Researchers working at the Institute for European Studies and the Political Science Department (POLI) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel took part in an all-day workshop in Brussels on 20 March 2015. The aim of the workshop was to discuss different conceptions, modes and procedures for political representation and to move forward on a common research project on the topic. The workshop fell under the overarching joint strategic research programme of the IES and POLI on ‘Evaluating Democratic Governance in Europe (EDGE)’.

In all, twelve researchers affiliated with the EDGE programme are directly involved in the sub-project to advance understanding on representation – six from POLI and six from the IES. From the IES, Ilke Adam, Claire Dupont, Serena D’Agostino, Ferran Davesa, Sebastian Oberthür and Jamal Shahin, took part in the workshop. They are busy working with their POLI colleagues on this topic.

Each researcher prepared a short draft paper in advance of the workshop for discussion. The comments and feedback and the many ideas that came up during the workshop all showed that there are many different facets to ‘representation’. By the end of the day, everyone felt their understanding had developed – not only of representation itself, but also about how to work together to reflect and analyse further the concept of representation in European democratic systems.

Please find more information on the overarching EDGE programme, its aims and team members, on its website.