IES Lecture Series


IES Lecture Series PictureThe IES organises lecture series on topical and timely issues regarding the European Union. Recently, lecture series have addressed Globalisation, the Constitutional Treaty, European Security, Multiculturalism and Sustainable Development.

Below you can find a list of the recent lecture series.



Past Lecture Series

2015 Autumn Lecture Series: EUPERFORM

Autumn Lecture Series The Future of European Geostrategy
EPSS Fall Lecture Series 2014
Migration Lecture Series Lecture Series on Migration in the Mediterranean

Autumn Lecture Series EU Economic Law in a Time of Crisis
EPSS European Peace & Security Studies Lecture Series 2013
Spring Lecture Series The Multilevel Governance of Migration and Immigrant Integration

Autumn Lecture Series EU Energy Policy: On the Road to Decarbonisation?
EPSS European Peace and Security Studies Lecture Series
Spring Lecture Series The International Criminal Court’s Second Decade: Quo Vadis?
Spring Lecture Series Interest Respresentation in the EU Internal Market (Mini Lecture Series)

Autumn Lecture Series Making Malmo Real: eGovernment in the EU (in coorporation with the Citadel Statement Group)
Spring Lecture Series The EU as a Diplomatic Actor: Policies, Processes & Performance

Autumn Lecture Series Belgian EU Presidency and Europe 2020

Autumn Lecture Series Europe under Threat? Security, Migration and Integration
Spring Lecture Series Perspectives for a European Security Strategy towards Asia

Autumn Lecture Series The European Union and the Fight against Global Climate Change
Spring Lecture Series NATO: present challenges; future possibilities
Spring Lecture Series Rethinking European Media and Communications Policies

Autumn Lecture Series Justice, Liberty and Security: the External Dimension of EU Justice and Home Affairs
Spring Lecture Series European Identity: Belonging and Participation in a New Europe