Study Abroad Programme

Given the title of a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence by the European Commission, the Institute of European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), has a long history of accepting international students and engaging them in critical learning on current issues in European studies in a cosmopolitan and modern learning centre where they have access to cutting-edge research and experts from the field. 

Founded in 1992, the Institute for European Studies has grown into a top academic research institution and policy think tank. With a focus on the European Union in a global context, senior researchers and PhD researchers regularly publish their findings and policy papers and host a variety of events. The IES has been engaged in teaching undergraduate students from the US through a high quality semester-long study abroad programme that has been running successfully for eight years. The IES also offers several post-graduate programmes and an annual summer school on the European Union.

Studying abroad at the Institute for European Studies offers students a truly unique experience in the capital of Europe. Not only does the Institute host a large variety of amenities but it also facilitates cultural learning as well: the Institute employs and teaches over 40 nationalities working on European and global issues. Furthermore, international students especially enjoy the opportunity to do internships with our Brussels-based partner organisations. 

Students in our study abroad program also benefit from our in-house partner, Vesalius College. Located in the same building as the Institute, Vesalius College (VeCo) is an American-style undergraduate university where students can choose one elective from over 40 courses offered each semester. Like the IES, Vesalius also offers a strong and lively multicultural environment with excellent academics.

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