Demystifying the trust problem in EU criminal law: enhancing mutual trust by harmonising criminal procedural rights?

Auke’s PhD research project sets itself the ambitious task to conceptualise the principle of mutual trust in EU criminal justice cooperation. Presenting mutual trust in a structured and systematic manner in order to enhance knowledge of the role and functioning of the principle. The analysis starts with a study of social science literature on ‘trust’, this multi-disciplinary analysis allows for a better understanding of the concept in the EU criminal justice sphere.
The central research question of the thesis is: what is the real extent of the trust problem in EU criminal law? An important preliminary question here is; what is trust in this specific context? The thesis ultimately aims to demystify the trust crisis and to further the dialogue on how to foster EU criminal justice cooperation. An important part of the thesis is a comparison between criminal justice cooperation within the EU and the US and especially the role of mutual trust within. Once a clear concept of trust has been developed, the thesis will use this framework to scrutinize the EU Roadmap on Criminal Procedural Rights; are these criminal procedural measures really capable of ‘facilitating mutual recognition’?