Citizenship Policies in an Era of Globalization. Still the Prerogative of the Nation-state?

27 Mar 2013 18:00
27 Mar 2013 20:00

While states face increasing constraints from international human rights standards and EU law with regard to the regulation of the acquisition and loss of citizenship, this still remains a core national competence. In this lecture, Maarten Vink will highlight some key trends observable in Europe over the past decades and analyse the main differences between national citizenship policies. Did these policies become more liberal or more restrictive? Has residence become the main criterium for access to citizenship? And what about language knowledge and integration tests, have they become the general rule? Do more member states tolerate dual citizenship or is there a backlash against it? Have policies become more convergent or are national differences still predominant? Tineke Strik will illustrate some of these trends with practical examples out of her parliamentary experience with nationality legislation in the Netherlands. Moreover, as a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, she will reflect upon the possible contribution of this institution to foster the inclusive character of citizenship laws.

  • Maarten Vink, Professor, Maastricht University and European University Institute (slides)
  • Tineke Strik, Member of the Dutch Senate and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
  • Chair: Dr. Ilke Adam, Postdoctoral Researcher Migration and Diversity, Institute for European Studies (VUB)

This lecture is the sixth lecture of the IES Spring Lecture Series 2013: "The Multilevel Governance of Migration and Immigrant Integration" organised by the Institute for European Studies and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). Read more about the lecture series!

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