Social Complexity, Public Policy and Subsidiarity

21 Sep 2011 18:00
21 Sep 2011 20:00

IES Autumn Lecture Series: Making Malmö Real: EGovernment in the EU

Wednesday 21 September: Social Complexity, Public Policy and Subsidiarity
Gregory Fisher, Synthesis.

Greg Fisher is the Managing Director of Synthesis. Greg joined the Bank of England as a graduate entrant in 1995 and subsequently worked in a spectrum of roles that mixed economics and finance. Between 2004 and 2008, Greg worked for a hedge fund as a global macroeconomic strategist. Since then he has spent time researching the new science of complex systems, and how it relates to social systems. Greg is a Senior Research Associate of the London School of Economics’ Complexity Group.

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All lectures will be conducted in English. The lecture series is free and open to all, but registration is required for organizational purposes.

This lecture series is organised in cooperation with the Citadel Statement Group.