The International Criminal Court’s Second Decade: Gender Rights

27 Apr 2012 12:00
27 Apr 2012 14:00

An important contribution of the Rome Statute is the enshrining and protection against gender- based crimes in the body of international criminal law. Moreover, the Statute guarantees unprecedented gender equality within the Court’s several organs. Nevertheless, while significant progress has been made in the latter, the prosecution of gender-based crimes has been often decried by civil society members as receiving insufficient attention. Clearly, more needs to be done to allay such concerns.

The panel formed for this discussion:

  • Dianne Luping, Trial Lawyer, Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court
  • Melina Lito, Program Director, Women, Peace and Security, Global Action to Prevent War
  • Robert Zuber, Director, Global Action to Prevent War
  • Sari Kouvo, Co-Director, Afghanistan Analysts Network & Professor International and European Protection of Human Rights, Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Joachim Koops, Director, Global Governance Insitute and Senior Associate Researcher, Institute for European Studies (Chair)

This lecture is the fourth session of a series of lectures on the International Criminal Court and is organised by the Institute for European Studies in cooperation with the Global Governance Institute.
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