eGovernment in the EU: Policies, Processes and Promises

9 Nov 2011 18:00
9 Nov 2011 20:00

IES Autumn Lecture Series: Making Malmö Real: EGovernment in the EU

Wednesday 9 November: eGovernment in the EU: Policies, Processes and Promises
Jeremy Millard (Danish Technological Institute) & Jamal Shahin (Institute for European Studies)

The European Union has been a central actor in the eGovernment policies of its member states for many years, despite not having competence in the field. How has this happened, and what processes are enacted to ensure that European action is useful? This lecture will examine the way in which the EU has developed activity in this area, and will show what potentials lie in the future for this rapidly emerging policy area.

Jamal Shahin is postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for European Studies and assistant professor in European studies at the university of Amsterdam.

Jeremy Millard is senior consultant at the Danish Technological Institute.

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All lectures will be conducted in English. The lecture series is free and open to all, but registration is required for organizational purposes.

This lecture series is organised in cooperation with the Citadel Statement Group.