Decarbonising transport and industry

7 Nov 2012 18:00
7 Nov 2012 20:00

While decarbonising the power sector is one major element to achieving overall decarbonisation objectives to 2050, other sectors in the EU are major energy consumers, and major emitters of greenhouse gases. Both the industry and transport sectors contribute significantly as major energy consumers. This lecture will present a picture of the current energy policies for transport and industry – consumption of fossil fuels in these sectors as sources of energy is significant, but how are policies helping to move towards decarbonisation? What is the potential of these sectors to contribute to decarbonisation goals by 2050? What policies need to be put in place to fulfil this potential?

  • Hans Bergman, European Commission, DG Clima (slides)
  • Tom van Lier, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (slides)
  • Jos Dings, Director, Transport & Environment (slides)
  • Sebastian Oberthür, Institute for European Studies (Chair)

Report of the fifth lecture (PDF)
Podcast of the fifth lecture (Youtube)

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Registration are closed. This lecture is part of the IES Autumn Lecture Series 2012: 'EU Energy Policy: On the Road to Decarbonisation?'

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