Decarbonising the power sector: opportunities and challenges

24 Oct 2012 18:00
24 Oct 2012 20:00

Much of the EU’s electricity sector still relies on generation through burning traditional fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas), and through nuclear generation. The renewable energy sector has recently started to make inroads into the domination of traditional energy sources to generate the EU’s electricity. In a decarbonised world, it is commonly understood that renewable energy will need to play a much larger role, not only in electricity generation, but in other energy consuming sectors also. This lecture will look specifically at the opportunities and challenges that arise from decarbonising the power sector. Questions on the status quo and the gap remaining to achieve decarbonisation will be raised. What will electricity generation look like in 2050? Will electricity serve as the main source of energy in a decarbonised society?

  • Arne Mogren, European Climate Foundation, Programme Director: Power (slides)
  • Susanne Nies, Eurelectric, Head of Power Generation Policy Unit (slides)
  • Amelia Hadfield, Institute for European Studies (Chair)

Report of the fourth lecture (PDF)
Podcast of the fourth lecture (Youtube)

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