IES Inaugural Lecture: Finance and the Single Market - The Challenges Facing the European Union

23 Sep 2014 19:30

Stabilising the financial markets remains a key challenge for the new Commission, which is set out to start its work in November. A reformed financial sector would help in restoring growth and steering the EU out of the economic crisis. A Banking Union with a Single Supervisory Mechanism for banks is a key part of the reform agenda. 

Do join us in exploring these and other developments in the European internal market and financial services at the IES Inaugural Lecture, delivered by a leading authority, Prof. Em. Jonathan Faull, Director General (DG Internal Market and Services).

Registration and Venue

The conference will take place at the premises of the Institute for European Studies. Participation is free of charge, but registration is required. Please register here.

Karel Van Miert Building
Conference Room Rome
Pleinlaan 5
1050 Brussels
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