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Jean Monnet Chair rECOncile 

At the intersection of the ECOnomy and ECOlogy






Welcome to rECOncile!

A warm welcome to the homepage of rECOncile, the Jean Monnet Chair of professor Harri Kalimo at the Institute for European Studies of the VUB. 

rECOncile provides research-led excellence in teaching and learning at the intersection of two fundamental areas of EU policy -- the internal market and the environment.  The interactions – the “value reconciliation” -- between the economic and environmental values is explored by creating two new and reforming three existing post-graduate courses at the IES.  The Chair also organizes annual Inaugural Lectures and recurring Policy Forums, where the policy debates on EU’s economic and environmental developments are brought to the public domain, involving the policy makers, the civil society and the industry representatives alike. 

Under the below links, more information is provided on the ongoing and past activities of rECOncile. I very much encourage you to join the public discussions in the Inaugural Lectures and the Policy Forums. You can sign up for invitations here. I also urge you to contact me in case any of the developed courses could fit your study programme. In the latter case, we can together establish whether the eligibility criteria for the courses are met – it would be excellent to have you take part!  


Postgraduate courses in European economic and environmental law and policy

In the five courses (or in fact six, as one extra course has been created) on EU economic and environmental law and policy, the Chair will advance cutting-edge blended learning formats, strong inter-disciplinarity, inter-generationality and policy relevance. Selected courses are offered in collaboration with universities in Belgium, other EU Member States and beyond.

EU Internal Market and Competition Policy (6 ECTS, EuroMaster) 

EU Environmental law in an International Context  (3 ECTS, LLM in International and European Law (PILC))

Public International law Case study simulation (6 ECTS, PILC )

Virtuosi -- PhD and Post-doc seminar on the Theories of Value Reconciliation and Fragmentation (IES PhD School)

Research Methods in EU and international law (International and European Law (PILC); EuroMaster) 

IES Online Value Reconciliation Depository 


Other events, appearances and an extra new course

Inaugural Lectures  and Policy Forums 

Public Speeches and presentations 

The Greening of the Economy (6 ECTS, EuroMaster)