JM Chair 'EXACT' (Florian Trauner)


Prof. Florian Trauner


EXACT (Explaining EU Action in Counter-Terrorism) provides research-led excellence in teaching and learning at the intersection of two fundamental areas of EU policy - the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (formerly known as Justice and Home Affairs) and EU counter-terrorism policy and law (also within the CFSP, notably in relation to counter-terrorist financing) - through an international cross-section of doctoral, post-graduate and graduate students. The objective is pursued by advancing cutting-edge blended learning formats, distance-learning, strong inter-disciplinarity, policy relevance by creating three new courses (two of them distance and blended learning) and contributing to the creation of a full Masters programme in EU Governace by distance learning – the first such Masters programme in Belgium, and one of the very few in Europe as a whole.  


The aims of EXACT are fourfold. First, to ensure students positively benefit from high-quality research-based, comprehensively multi-disciplinary teaching and make them enthusiastic about the European Union. Second, to provide a foundation by which academics and students alike are beneficially influenced via a series of cutting-edge innovative blended learning/distance learning formats on a range of multi-disciplinary themes related to EU Justice and Home Affairs. Third, to offer a series of outputs by which a wide cross-section of motivated members of civil society can be viably informed of the rich variety of contemporary EU developments. Fourth, to reinforce the various Jean Monnet activities currently running at the IES, under the aegis of Jean Monnet Chair Professor Kalimo. 


The objectives of these inter-linked activities are first, to viably expand upon the IES' original Centre of Excellence status, by developing its initial commitment to digital education into a fully-developed online Masters programme. This objective underwrites both the first and second aim of offering high-quality, research-based output offered in purely online formats, or through blended learning. The second objective goes to the heart of the research-led teaching and academic services of the IES, namely to offer regular, interactive and contemporary debating activities on key EU themes like the EU counter-terrorism. 


  1. The development of 2 online courses each designed to be distance-learning, and blended-learning ready = leading to an Online Master Programme on European and International Governance for 60 ECTS 
  2. The development of 1 traditional course, integrating Simulation excercises (PBL) within the teaching methodology 
  3. 4 research webinars per academic year within the European Security, Terrorism and Intelligence research series enhancing the aforementioned teaching activities 
  4. 1 EuroSim event activity per year for students of the VUB to simulate the EU with other students from Europe and the USA 
  5. Research books and other publications in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice


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