Vrije Universiteit Brussel joins forces with Université Paris Seine and Warwick University to create ‘European University Network’

On Tuesday 5 June, professor Caroline Pauwels, rector of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and professor François Germinet, rector of the French Université Paris Seine, signed a memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on future collaboration. The same day, a previously signed MoU with the University of Warwick was ratified into a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), detailing the extent of cooperation between the two universities. In these agreements, the partners commit to collaborate more closely with regard to research and education in the future. For the Institute for European Studies, which is at the helm of the social science part of the collaboration, this opens up new opportunities for collaboration both in research and education.The commitment is to be seen in light of the call made by the European Council to create a network of European Universities by 2024.

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel is a big proponent of the initiative to strengthen strategic partnerships between institutions of higher education in the EU. This is why VUB sees the creation of a ‘European University’ as a priority. It would involve an alliance of 4 to 6 universities from within the EU and the United Kingdom.

The formalisation of the cooperation with Université Paris Seine and University of Warwick is an important first step towards the creation of such a network of European Universities.