Spring Lecture Series: The European Union as an International Trade Negotiator

12 Apr 2011 18:00
12 Apr 2011 20:00

This lecture series examines the European Union’s ability to influence international negotiations, policies and outcomes in a wide range of policy-fields. Whilst the ‘EU as an international actor’ has become a widely studied focus point for an increasing number of scholars, there is still an acute demand for a better understanding of the actual mechanisms, processes and effectiveness of the EU’s diplomatic approach in the international arena.

To this end, the lecture series seeks to shed light on the EU’s effectiveness and actual performance in engaging as a diplomatic actor bilaterally or multilaterally in the fields of international security, human rights, environment and climate change as well as trade and finance. Particular emphasis will be placed on the EU’s diplomatic capabilities for generating effective policy outcomes with and within core international organizations and multilateral fora.

To understand the role of the EU as a diplomatic actor, the lecture series aims to analyze systematically the relevant internal and external processes of the EU as well as the Union’s actual effectiveness and impact across the aforementioned four policy fields. Furthermore, the series of lectures will examine core processes and dynamics of the EU as a diplomatic actor at the individual, the member state, the organizational, the inter-organizational and the external international levels.

The lecture series seeks to assess the EU’s actual diplomatic practice and performance during the last decade. The changes brought about by the Lisbon Treaty will form an important aspect and particular focus, including the roles of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the European External Action Service, as well as other changes relating to the external representation of the EU.

Tuesday 12 April 2011 - Room D.2.01
The European Union as an International Trade Negotiator
Hubert Zimmerman, University of Marburg
Frank Hoffmeister, European Commission, Cabinet of Trade Commissioner De Gucht

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