Richard Lewis meets delegation from Moldova

On April 25th, Richard Lewis was asked to brief a delegation led by Ghenadie Cretu from the office of the International Organisation for Migration in Chisinau on the current migration situation in Europe and EU attitudes to it. The delegation consisted mainly of representatives from the universities in Moldova and Trans-Dnistria.

Richard explained the political, logistical and legal background and then took part in a lively debate about how this might affect Moldova as an important sender of economic migrants especially for health care and elderly care.

The Moldovans were particularly interested in setting up a statistical service so that they can have a more accurate picture of the migrant situation in the country and to this end the delegation will discuss how the Belgian government achieves this. They will also hold discussions with Eurostat in Luxembourg.

The are also interested in cooperation with other academic institutions and working towards making an empirical contribution to the domestic and international migration policy debate.