New IES / VUB global research spearhead










9 February 2017 marked the official launch of the ‘new’ UNU-CRIS, the Belgian campus of the United Nations University that is now formally embedded into a VUB-UGent consortium. It is set to become a new VUB global research spearhead, with the Institute for European Studies at its vanguard.

From its Bruges base, UNU-CRIS researches regional integration matters worldwide. Its future work will focus on security, trade and welfare, rule of law, environment, democratic legitimacy, and migration. UNU-CRIS will perform preparatory research for international conferences and will hence be researching some of the most topical subjects around, like providing guidance on the future of the EU in the post-Brexit era.

Anthony Antoine, the IES’ Executive Director and a Bruges native is currently at the helm of UNU-CRIS as its Interim Director. He comments: “The importance of this new development for VUB cannot be underestimated and I think there are many reasons to be really proud of it. First of all, UNU-CRIS gives VUB a foothold in Bruges. Secondly, it allows us to be part of a project in which the Flemish government is investing significantly. And last but not least, it enables us to help forge crafty solutions that European policy makers are very much in need of to tackle the major global problems of today. 

Click here for more information about the launch event of 9 February.