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International Security Cluster Media Engagements

Alexander Mattelaer for De Morgen

The researchers of the International Security cluster regularly appear in newspapers, on televion and on radio shows, or write op-eds to provide deeper analysis behind the every-day news stories and engage in the international public debate.

If you would like to approach one of the International Security researchers for interviews, questions or comments, please contact Jurgen Smet, Marketing and Communications Officer, at or +32 2 614 80 52.


International Security Cluster researchers in the News


  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo was featured on ABC Radio, NK News and Reuters in relation to the disappearance of the North Korean ambassador to Italy.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo commented on the role of the EU in the dialogue with Pyongyang in La Vanguardia.
  • Maaike Verbruggen was mentioned in the Economist in the context of her work on autonomous weapon systems.


  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo discussed sanctions and investment opportunities on TBS, MBC News and Hankyoreh.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo commented on China at the G20 Summit in Sky News and on China’s moon landing on the BBC.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo was mentioned in War on the Rocks in a discussion on North Korean progress towards denuclearization in 2018.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo commented on South Korea’s public diplomacy in the Korea Times, Bloomberg, and South China Morning Post.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo was interviewed on the Korean economic transformation in Business Spotlight.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo reviewed Asian newspapers in the Monocle Daily.
  • Maaike Verbruggen’s remarks were quoted in an article by the Deutschen Wellen on the implications of convergence between emerging technologies for the future of war and arms control.
  • Luis Simón was interviewed in Small Wars Journal on Europe’s Balance of Power crisis.
  • Alexander Mattelaer was interviewed on influence games in Europe for Euractiv.
  • Alexander Mattelaer spoke on Transatlantic relations with de Tijd.
  • Daniel Fiott appeared on a podcast by Beyond Brussels on the State of War.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo was interviewed on potential EU assistance to North Korean reforms in Korea Herald.
  • Luk van Langenhove was interviewed on Al Jazeera on ETA's disbandment.
  • Alexander Mattelaer discussed the Belgian replacement of the F-16 in relation to NATO’s nuclear sharing arrangements on Radio 1.
  • Due to the historic inter-Korean summit in April 2018, Ramon Pacheco Pardo was featured in the Telegraph, il Foglio, El Nuevo Siglo Bogota, and the Arms Control Wonk Podcast.
  • Luk van Langenhove was featured in the Financial Times, the Guardian, Bruzz, Skynet, VRT NWS and HLN because of the new cooperation agreement between Warwick University and the VUB.
  • Alexander Mattelaer commented in the television broadcast Zevende Dag and in the newspapers Knack and VRT NWS on the Belgian fighter aircraft acquisition.
  • Alexander Mattelaer discusses the assassination of Sergei Skripal in Knack.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo is interviewed extensively in the media due to the ongoing developments surrounding the nuclear weapons of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. He was featured in the Asia Economy Daily (Link, Link), Yonhap (Link, Link, Link, Link, Link), and on BBC Breakfast (Link), the Monocle Daily (Link, Link), and CBS Radio (Link).
  • Alexander Mattelaer provides insight in de Morgen on the Belgian participation in the Gallant Phoenix intelligence network.
  • Alexander Mattelaer participates on the Belgian discussion on killing ISIS-fighters in the field  in de Standaard.
  • Maaike Verbruggen’s report she co-authored for SIPRI on autonomy in weapon systems is featured in the Guardian and CNRS.
  • Jan Völkel os interviewed and asked for reflections on the Egyptian elections in Süddeutsche Zeitung and Euronews.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo was interviewed on BBC breakfast.
  • Alexander Mattelaer commented on the Belgian fighter aircraft acquisitions in De Morgen.
  • Alexander Mattelaer expressed concern about the poor state of Belgian defence in De Standaard.
  • Alexander Mattelaer reflects on Macron's vision on future European security in Le Soir.


  • Jan Völkel is selected as Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie fellow of the week and gives a special presentation of his work on the MSCA Facebook page.
  • Alexander Mattelaer is interviewed on Belgian defence policy on Newsmonkey.
  • Alexander Mattelaer discusses a Belgian policy towards Brexit in Le Soir and De Tijd.
  • Luk van Langenhove is interviewed for articles on the crisis in Catalonia in De MorgenAl JazeeraAl JazeeraNieuwsbladDe StandaardDe MorgenKnackGazet van AntwerpenRTL InfoLa LibreHet NieuwsbladEl ConfidencialDe MorgenUS NewsVRT NewsRadio 1, and De Standaard.
  • Ramon Pacheco Pardo appears on the Monocle Daily on Asian newspapers review.
  • Alexander Mattelaer comments in De Morgen on the Belgian acquisition of fighter jets from France.
  • Chantal Lavallee talks in De Morgen about the European regulation of drones.
  • Alexander Mattelaer reflects in De Standaard on the North Korean nuclear threats.
  • Chantal Lavallee explains the lacks of European drone regulation in Emerce.
  • Luis Simón debates European defence cooperation in Real Clear Defence and Defence Matters.
  • Alexander Mattelaer interprets a survey on Belgian attitudes towards the European Union in Le Soir, another article in Le Soir, and HLN.
  • Luis Simón published an op-ed to temper the hype on European defence cooperation in War on the Rocks and Real Clear Defence.
  • Alexander Mattelaer warns against the deploying too many soldiers on the Belgian streets in De Morgen.
  • Alexander Mattelaer analyzes the international balance of power for the NOS.
  • Alexander Mattelaer comments on terrorist suspect shot dead on Radio 1 and VRT Terzake.
  • Alexander Mattelaer discusses European security in Humo.
  • Alexander Mattelaer warns against a hard Belgian position towards Brexit in De Standaard.
  • Alexander Mattelaer responds to Belgian non-compliance with NATO demands in De Standaard and De Morgen.
  • Alexander Mattelaer reflects on the visit of Trump to the NATO on Radio 1.
  • Luk van Langenhove spoke about academic integrity in The Astana Times.
  • Jan Völkel publishes an op-ed on the Arab response to European populism in Social Europe.
  • Alexander Mattelaer spoke about US-North Korean relations in De Morgen.
  • Alexander Mattelaer comments on possible civilian casualties due to air strikes by Belgian fighter jets in Mosul on Terzake
  • Luis Simón discusses Transatlantic relations in an op-ed on War in the Rocks.
  • Alexander Mattelaer discusses the military presence on Belgian streets in De Morgen.
  • Alexander Mattelaer discusses Belgian cyberwarfare recruitments in HLN.
  • Luis Simón shares his view on whether Europe can be strategic with Carnegie Europe.
  • Alexander Mattelaer warns against low Belgian defence spending in De Standaard.
  • Alexander Mattelaer responds to US critique on low Belgian military expenditure in De Morgen and De Standaard
  • Alexander Mattelaer comments on the ongoing Brexit negotiations on Terzake.


  • Luis Simón demystifies the A2-D2 buzz in an op-ed in War on the Rocks.
  • Alexander Mattelaer explains contemporary intelligence practices in De Standaard.
  • Alexander Mattelaer comments on Poland's policies towards the EU in Knack.
  • Alexander Mattelaer discusses Europe's concerns about Trump's NATO stance in Euronews and Radio 1
  • Alexander Mattelaer blogs on the importance of NATO for Europe for LSE.
  • Luis Simón discusses the implications of Brexit for European security in an op-ed in War on the Rocks.
  • Alexander Mattelaer celebrates the 100th birthday of the tank in De Morgen.
  • Alexander Mattelaer is quoted on European defence policy in the Global Government Forum.
  • Defence Matters interviews Luis Simón on Brexit, NATO and Deterrence in the East.
  • Defence Matters interviews Luis Simón on Brexit and Europe.
  • Malta Today publishes a commentary piece by Daniel Fiott on the forthcoming Maltese EU presidency.
  • Yle Nyheter interviews Joachim Koops on EU and NATO relations.
  • Daniel Fiott speaks to Terzake about Brexit and the Conservative Party.
  • Alexander Mattelaer writes about the NATO Warsaw Summit for De Standaard.
  • Alexander Mattelaer speaks to VRT about the impact of Brexit on Belgium.
  • Esther Marijnen interviewed on NPO Radio 1 about the record number of murdered environmental activists in 2015.
  • Luis Simón interview appears in Real Clear Defense.